Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I've Posted 14 of These?

This week you get the update photo with me in a swimsuit. It was too dang hot to change into a sports bra and trishorts, and I was on my way to Masters swimming anyway. Which sucked. I'm looking for a new Masters group, but that's not really relevant to this post. I lost inches in some places and gained in others. I also gained 0.5 lb. I would like to blame it on the heat, but I'm not convinced.

Weight: 170.5 lb
Stomach: -0.25" / -3" total
Hips: +0.25" / -2" total
Thigh: no change / -0.75" total
Bicep: no change / -0.5" total

Front and Side (if you look closely, you can see the lovely thigh bruise from side-flopping off the bridge in Whtie Salmon):

Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 14 Plan

Wow, we're 1 week away from the half-way point. Does anyone ever feel ready for their first Ironman? When is that supposed to happen?

My plan for the week:

Monday -- rest day

Tuesday --
Run: 5:45am, track, 1:00 Z2 (at 10min, insert 2 x 4min Z4 @ 1.5min jog)
Swim: 7pm, pool, Masters

Wednesday --
Bike: 5:30am, around the lake, 0:45 Z2
Run (brick): right after the bike, 0:30 Z2

Thursday --
Bike: 5:20am, either on the trainer or ???, 1:00 Z2 (at 15min, insert 3 x 5min Z4 @ 3min spin)
Swim: 7pm, pool, Masters

Friday --
Run: 5:30am, from the gym, 1:00 Z2 (at 0:45, insert 7.5min Z4)
Swim: lunch???, pool, 3000m or whatever the heck I can fit in

Saturday --
Bike: 6am, Crown Point, 3:30 Z2 (at 3:20, insert 5min Z4)
Run (brick): right after the bike, 0:30 Z2

Sunday --
Bike: 7am, trainer or from the house, 0:30 Z1 (100+ rpm)
Run: 8am, wherever, 1:15 Z1-Z2

TOTAL = 13:00

Week 13 Wrap-Up

It's my rest day and I refuse to get up off the couch to take an update photo or measurements, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. I had a great training week and pretty much nailed everything that I set out to do, even if it meant sprint intervals in mid-90° afternoon temps, pushing through near-bonk on another hilly ride, and swimming until I couldn't pull myself out of the pool anymore. All of this Z4 work is kicking my butt. In a good way I hope.

Swim = 8000 meters
Bike = 91.48 miles
Run = 14.91 miles
Plus some other crap like transitions.
TOTAL = 12.25 hours

Saturday, July 25, 2009

One More Day

...until a rest day. It can't come soon enough. I am tired. A few weeks ago I thought I was tired, but that doesn't even compare. I imagine that in a few weeks I'll be saying the same thing about how I feel right now. Fatigue is just a component of IM training, but I know that I have made some mistakes this week and can manage a few things better.

1) Nutrition. This is huge and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Too many carbs or not enough? Not enough protein or just taking it at the wrong time? How many calories? And for which days? How is my electrolyte balance? Am I taking in the proper recovery food? I plan on taking some time in the next week to do more research and maybe bounce some ideas off my more nutritionally-intelligent friends. I don't have much time left to get it right.

2) Hydration. Clearly I did not drink enough fluids this week.

3) Sleep. With long work hours, long training hours, and a busy social schedule, there just isn't enough time in the day to do it all. Those of you with families...bravo. I'm amazed. For me, more prioritizing and better scheduling is in order. I'm also thinking about working with the next level down for my training plan. I would gain back about 2hr/week. I'll try other things first though. Like maybe less Facebooking. :-)

Anyway, one more day of training left in this week. I'm at almost 11.5 hours of training so far, including 8000m of swimming and 90+ miles of riding. Here's me after my 60+ miler with Bill this morning, drinking a hard-earned iced nonfat latte (after frantically downing a choc milk as my sugar levels were plummeting...more on that in another post).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week 13 Plan

Three weeks into the build phase. This week I'M GOING TO NAIL MY WORKOUTS. End of story.

Mon: Rest Day

Run, 5:45am @ track - 0:45 Z2 (at 0:10, insert 3 x 3min Z4 @ 1min jog)
Swim, 7pm - Masters (60min)

Bike, early morning near the gym - 0:45 Z2
Run, brick after the bike - 0:15 Z2

Bike, early morning on the trainer - 1:00 Z2 (at 0:15, insert 2 x 5min Z4 @ 3min spin)
Swim, 7pm - Masters (60min)

Run, 5:30am near the gym - 1:00 Z2 (at 0:45, insert 5min Z4)
Swim1, 6:45am - 0:30
Swim2, lunchtime - 0:30

Bike, early morning @ Crown Point or west side w/ Bill - 3:00 Z2 (at 2:50, insert 5min Z4)
Run, brick after the bike - 0:30 Z2

Bike, early morning to Van Lake and back - 0:30 Z1 (100+ rpm)
Run, midday @ Trout Lake - 1:15 Z1-Z2

TOTAL = 12:00

What has happened so far...
Monday - I swam 1400m in the morning instead of resting. Active recovery day.

Tuesday -
Run: I slept in and had to do the run right after work. I called Ken hoping that he would say something like "it's okay honey, why don't we sit in front of the A/C and order Chinese", but instead I got "HTFU and go get your ass out running"...I think he's been listening to me ramble about Beginner Triathlete postings too much. Zone 4 intervals combined with 93° made for a really difficult afternoon. I got the buzzy head, about-to-pass-out feeling, but I was able to walk for a bit and get through it. Slow 12 min/mile pace, but I got it done.
Swim: After the run we hopped in the car and drove to the gym for a refreshing dip with the masters group. Refreshing is of course relative. It was a hard workout, but I would have done it 4 more times to avoid intervals in the heat again.
WU - 200m swim, 50m kick, 200m pull
Main set x3 - 50m DR/50m swim/50m kick/50m swim, 30 sec rest; 50m easy/100m hard/50 m easy, 30sec rest; 200m build, 30sec rest
CD - 150m
TOTAL - 2400 meters

Week 12 Wrap-Up

I finished up the week with my Sunday workouts -- 6.3 mile run with Jenn (awesome, and even an 11:40 pace with plenty of walking so that I could gab) and a 30min Z2 trainer ride. Even with 3 rest days in a row, I logged almost 9 hours of training.

The workouts:
Swim = 1400 meters (super weak sauce)
Bike = 83.89 miles (not bad, but most of that was one ride)
Run = 11.51 miles (okay since I missed some workouts)
Strenth = big fat zero...again
Transitions = 5min
TOTAL = 8.45 hours

The stats:
Weight = 170 lb
Stomach: -0.25" / -2.75" total
Hips: -0.25" / -2.25" total
Thigh: no change / -0.75" total
Bicep: no change / -0.5" total

I do not understand why the scale isn't changing. I'm losing inches. And I do not belive that it's possible for a person to gain that much muscle mass in this short period of time. I'm measuring accurately, people are telling me how different I look, but the damn scale won't budge. I'm thinking of not weighing myself for a couple of weeks and see what happens. Here's the photo:
Here are the sideview shots comparing Week1 to today. At least I'm more tan?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Week 12 Update

I've had some highs and lows this week. The highlight is in purple. :-)

Bike: 01:10:00, 17.36 miles
Trainer ride in front of a spinning video. The hot room combined with the Tuscson scenery, I really felt like I was in Arizona. Okay, maybe not, but it was better than riding in the upper 90 degree sun and rush hour traffic. Yeah, I'm a wimp.

Swim: skipped it. The bike felt really good...and then I was toasted.

Swim: 00:31:11, 1400 meters
I felt like I was drowning. And the water walkers and pre-teens were putting me in a bad mood. I had to change lanes twice because, despite the open lanes, people insisted on getting into mine. WTF? I was getting ready to flip turn off a 12 year old's abdomen and instead decided to go for my run.

Run: 01:01:09, 4.79 miles
I both felt and looked like I was drowning. Yes, while running. On dry land. It was that bad.

Bike: 03:53:00, 59.41 miles

My friend Bill took me out on a ride in his neck of the woods on the west side. We started in Beaverton at the Scholls Ferry/Murray intersection, rode out to Hagg Lake, went around the lake, and then back to Beaverton. Lots of hills. Bill likes hills. I do not. Bill is good at hills. I am not. BUT...this was a really fun ride. He actually rode with me, instead of saying he'll ride with me yet riding ahead the whole time. I have like only 3 friends that I can count on for that. I don't think anyone pushes the pace intentionally, but it's nice when someone makes a conscious effort to keep things mellow. Hills + my pace = enjoyable time. That doesn't happen very often. We ended up with 4500+ feet of climbing and a successful tackle of my steepest hill ever (18+% grade). Yeah! My only regret is not bringing a camera.

Run: 00:05:31, 0.46 miles
I did a "quick" transition of 3 minutes, which consisted of throwing the bike in the car, throwing on running shoes, running into the Starbucks bathroom, and ignoring funny looks from people in the parking lot. I only had 15 minutes of running on the schedule, but with the dead quads and the sun coming out in full force, I couldn't do it. In hindsight I know that I quit too easily. Ironman training is SUPPOSED to be hard. Time to get it together.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Week 12 Stats

UPDATE: I stepped on the scale this afternoon...still at 170. I think I had some expectation that as soon as I started Ironman training that I would magically become a thin, fast athlete. Reality check time.

Okay, so I have a little edge this week due to the intestinal purge fest. But you don't lose inches off your thighs from that, so I'm still claiming victory over the tape measure. I have no idea what I weigh b/c I haven't been to the gym since Friday. I'll update that later. The measurements are compared to 2 weeks ago since I didn't measure last week.

Stomach: -0.5" / -2.5" total
Hips: -0.5" / -2" total
Thigh: -0.25" / -0.75" total
Bicep: no change / -0.5" total

Week 12 Plan

This week is just going to be sucky for volume. Monday was a scheduled rest day. I really needed it (more mentally than physically), so I took it. Tuesday and Wednesday were a no-go due to the following.

Shortly after graduating college, my Grandmother was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer. She was in her early 70s, so it wasn't crazily unusual. She had a surgical resection, underwent chemo, and made a full recovery. Shortly after that, my Mother was also diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer. She was only in her early 40s. She received chemo treatment, underwent radiation, and then a surgical resection. She also had to have a temporary iliostomy bag and then surgery to have that reversed. Colo-rectal cancer can be hereditary and more prevalent in women. Was I scared? Um, yeah. On the advice of her doctors and my OBGYN, I am beginning screening at the young age of 30 years old. They screen you by performing a colonoscopy. Basically, sticking a long probe with a camera on the end up your heiny. While you're knocked out, thankfully. The sucky part is the prep -- 2 days of not eating combined with a 3-laxative cocktail. As I'm finding out, the day after the procedure is no fun either, as my stomach and innards are decidedly not happy with me or what I've put them through. This is a long story to get to the point -- Tue and Wed were shot as far as training goes. Today is going to be wimpy too.

The good news is that I'm clear and don't have to go through that suckage for another 5 years. Here's my little plug for cancer screening though... If you have a history of colon cancer, go get tested. Go to your dermatologist for regular skin cancer screening. If you're a woman, make sure you get your regular paps. If you're over the recommended age or have a family history, make sure you are getting your mammograms. If you're a dude, make sure you're getting your prostate checked when you should. Everyone, do your self-exams. Seriously. Some (okay, most) of these tests are uncomfortable, embarassing, and sometimes demoralizing. So what. Get it done.

Oh right, this post was supposed to be about my Week 12 Plan. Okay, here it is:
Mon - rest
Tue - sit on toilet
Wed - tube up heiny
Thu - ride 1:00, swim 1:00
Fri - swim 1:00, run 1:00
Sat - ride 2:30, quick transition, run 0:15
Sun - ride 0:20, run 1:00
TOTAL - whatever I can get in...

Week 11 Totals

I'm late on the updates again. Week 11 was a so-so week. I did pretty good considering I had my Mom in town, my wedding shower, and then more family in town. Here are the totals:

Swim = 5650 meters
Bike = 74.94 miles
Run = 9.01 miles
Strength = 0 (bad, bad Sarah)
Transitions = 0.13 hours
Walking = 1.08 hours
TOTAL = 9.96 hours

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Week 11 Photo

Better late than never. No measurements this week though...I've been too busy training. And eating cookies. I'm back up to 170 pounds. Sigh...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Plan Specifics

UPDATE: The creep is behind bars. Yay for the justice system doing what it's supposed to do.

Ken asked that I take the specifics of my workout times/locations off the blog temporarily. Many of you know why, and I probably shouldn't go into details on here, but he's worried about my safety until some things are settled through the court system. If you want to train with me, just give me a holler and I'll let you know when and where I'll be. Thanks again to you awesome people helping me one day at a time to get to IMAZ!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The "Base Phase" is over. I don't necessarily feel like I've laid much of a base, but it is what it is. Can't turn back the clock. I've always wanted a time machine, but that's not really relevant here. Tomorrow starts the 10-week "Build Phase". As previously discussed, I'm only looking ahead one week. Here is the plan for Week 11. I am now including approximate time of day for each workout for anyone who is wanting to join me for something. You are all angels, by the way.

Monday: rest

Run, morning - 1:00 Z2 (at 0:10, insert 5 x 1min PU @ 1min jog)
Swim, evening - masters swim (plan calls for 3000 meters)

Bike, morning - 0:45 Z2
Run, morning - quick transition from the bike, 0:30 Z2

Swim, before work - 3000 meters
Bike - VBC Time Trial at Port of Vancouver (sign-in at 6pm, riders off at 6:30pm)

Friday: I have no idea how to get this in...my Mom is in town and we have a couple of appointments after I get off work...
Swim - 3000 meters
Run - 1:00 Z2 (at 0:45, insert 5 x 1min PU @ 1min jog)

Bike, early morning - 2:30 Z2 (probably to Troutdale and back)
Run, early morning - quick transition from bike, 0:15 Z2

Bike, early morning - 0:30 Z1 (100+ rpm)
Run, early morning - 1:15 Z1-Z2

Total = 12:00 hours (3hr swim, 5hr bike, 4hr run)

Week 10 Review

The weeks are starting to scream by. I'm already feeling like I'm gripping the sides of my chair and just holding on for dear life as the wind peels my eyelids wide open and my hair is whipping straight behind me. And I'm not even nailing my plan as it is. Moving along...

Monday: rested

*Swam 1500 meters -- did flip turns during the main set. That was pure comedy.
*Ran 5.23 miles -- it was really hot and I got the Fred Meyer Garden Center dude to hose me down. He looked really scared of me and he got my ass instead of my back. It was a cooler run back home though.

*Biked 12.72 miles -- on the trainer in spin class. This was supposed to be a brick, but I had to get to work. And had I not been a dumbass and screwed up the alarm clock, I would have met Jenn at the predetermined time for a ride around Lacamas Lake followed by a run. She forgave me. :-)

*Ran 2.38 miles -- hilly and hot. This was the rest of my brick from Wednesday...let's just call it a 24hr transition time. Didn't get my bike in b/c I waited too long and then it got hot and then I fell asleep. I did, however, do about 4 hours of yardwork. When I have done a lot of weeding or lifting, I log half of it as "sports" activity. So I'm counting 2 hours.

*Ran 2.42 miles -- nothing exciting here.
*Biked 18.70 miles -- FUN WORKOUT! I have decided that at least 1x/month I am going to do a fun workout with no goals, time requirements, pace expectations, etc. So Jenn and I met up for a ride to River Maden coffee shop in Vancouver. We sipped iced coffees and suntanned for an hour or so and then rode back to Camas. No HR monitors, watches, or bike computers. Well, we didn't look at them. It was fabulous.

*Biked 40.03 miles -- another fun workout (got to ride with Jon and Nadine!), but I did have a time requirement of 3 hours. Didn't quite make it, but it was a hilly route and it was, after all, the 4th of July. I didn't sweat the 20 minutes that didn't happen and went on to celebrate with the rest of the country.

Sunday: No run. :-( But I did get another 5 hours of yucky, laborious yardwork in. Logging 2.5 hours.

Total = 7.49 hours
Total w/ other (weeding, transitions, etc.) = 11.99 hours