Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekly Recap: Recovery

I thoroughly enjoyed my post-Ironman recovery week.  The 4 extra pounds on the scale is proof.  But what a fabulous week it was!

Mon - My Mom woke up and headed down the Ironman village to stand in line for the merchandise tent.  Bless her heart, she let me sleep in a bit.  At 6:30am I woke up in a panic, thinking we were going to end up at the back of the line.  Thanks Mom!  We spent the rest of the day drinking coffee, playing board games, taking Ken to the airport, and getting things packed up for the drive home.

Tue - Up early to take JoshyPoo to the airport and then the 6+ hour drive home.  Mom took the second half of the drive while I passed in and out of consciousness.  Once home, it was all about unpacking, laundry, and getting things settled for the week ahead.  Oh, and a short spin on the bike for the first time after the race.

Wed - Work and then happy hour with a coworker.  Some hobbling around while dealing with these nasty, funky post-Ironman feet.

Thu - Work.  Another short recovery spin.  Nothing special.

Fri - I got to spend the afternoon with my best homegirl, Angie, and her daughter, Fey.  Walking, shopping, and lounging outside a French restaurant drinking wine and munching on yummy appetizers like olives and bread.

Sat - Early morning swim at the gym.  Farmers Market with another fabulous girlfriend.  Coffee in the grass with friends.  And then an early evening at a local cafe drinking sangria and stretching out in hammocks in the sand.

Sun - Whitewater kayaking with great friends.  Lunch and beers at a local brewpub.  Then walking and shopping and more micro brews in Hood River.

Training starts up again next week, slowly.  6 hours on the schedule.  I'm chomping at the bit to get at it, but there are still a couple weeks of recovery as things slowly ramp up.