Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Week 7

I have a slight scheduling conundrum this week. I'm heading into week 7 of base training, but I have an olympic-distance race on Sunday that isn't built into the plan. So -- to taper or not to taper? This is definitely a "C" race for me...BUT...I'm racing against someone for bragging rights. My friend, Dave aka Dingo aka SA Dave aka Disco Dave aka JackHole (he's a man of many names), and I have a little competition going on. The winner gets to design a t-shirt that the loser must wear to several social events. He'll put me in something horrendous I'm sure. That, and I'll never hear the end of it if he beats me since I'm in IM training and he's basically coming off the couch to do this.

So...train through the race or do a mini-taper of sorts?

The plan:
Monday -- rest day
Tuesday -- swim 2500m, run 1:00 Z2
Wednesday -- bike 0:45, quick transition to run 0:15 Z2
Thursday -- swim 2500m, bike 1:00 100+ rpm
Friday -- run 1:15 Z2
Saturday -- Bike 2:30 Z2
Sunday - run 1:15 Z2

Potential modification:
Monday thru Wednesday -- same as planned
Thursday -- swim 1:00, bike 0:30
Friday -- run 0:30
Saturday -- bike 1:00 easy w/ some short sprint intervals
Sunday -- race

Open to suggestions!

End of Week 6 Stats

Mid-week I was down a couple of pounds due to the flu, but with a little help from some chocolate chip cookies and IPA, it all came back. :-( I ended up at the same weight as last week, but I lost some inches. In about 2 months I go back for body fat testing to see how I'm doing keeping/gaining muscle versus losing fat. I'm probably doing okay ratio-wise, but I really need to get going on the weight loss. Yeah, it would be nice to be a little thinner for the wedding dress...but it would be GREAT to have a smaller ass to haul around for 140.6 miles in November!

Here's the update photo:
Weight: no change / -2 lb total
Stomach: -0.25" / -1.25" total
Hips: -0.5" / -1.5" total
Thigh: no change / -0.25" total
Bicep: -0.25" / -0.5" total