Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good Things

In spite of a stressful and overly busy year, I'm trying to stay focused on the positive. And remind myself of how very blessed I am. Some of the recent "good things" that I am very grateful for:

1) Getting this blasted clunky annoyance off my foot. Perhaps a bit earlier than recommended, but it's off!
2) An extended weekend of camping for our annual trek to the Lochsa in Idaho, where I got to spend time with my favorite boys, ride my bike in the sunshine next to gorgeous scenery, watch sillyness on the river, and hike/trail run to the hot springs.
Ken blasting through Lochsa Falls:
Some of my favorite photos from the weekend. From top-left, clockwise: the trail on the way to the hotsprings, Nate making his shaft sticky while the guys spectate (hehehe), and Eric and Kelly putting in on the Fish Creek/Lochsa confluence on their river boards.
3) PASSING MY PE EXAM!!!! Washington state results were issued just after 5:30 this morning and thankfully my letter began with "Congratulations" (which I was able to barely read by peaking through my hands covering my eyeballs), my Mom sent me beautiful flowers to the office, and Ken came home with a sweet card and then took me to a celebratory dinner. Not to mention all of the wonderful calls/texts/emails/posts from my amazing circle of friends and family. Thank you!
4) Cute boots. Not the healthiest obsession as far as my wallet is concerned, but hey, at least I'm not smoking crack.
5) Running! I had my first post-fracture run this evening. In the weird sunny rain that is notorious around here lately. It may not have been endorsed by the doc, but it didn't hurt, so I'm going to start slowly ramping back up. It's like I've taken a 1 month break from really important therapy.

6) Very very soon, I will be lounging here with hubby. If you haven't heard from us in about a month, it means that we did not come back.