Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It's that time again.  Taper, also known as "get-as-much-shit-done-as-you-can-in-3-weeks" time.  After a long couple of peak training weeks, it's time to rest up for the big show.  I've gotten my usual taper illness out of the way (it came early this time and fell at the end of my peak week), and I'm starting to feel randy and restless and ready to get this thing done.  I think that means that I'm ready.

How strange to not have the days filled up with hours of swim/bike/run.  This past weekend I was incredibly productive - I did my workouts, enjoyed a handful of visits with friends, hit up no less than 10 stores during an afternoon errand extravaganza, cleaned house, decorated for Thanksgiving, finished organizing the house after the move, cooked, and even snuck in some extra sleep.  Oh, and I handmade our Christmas cards, labeled, and signed them.  My taper list is still a mile long (organize garage, winterize flower beds, tune up bike, oh, and pack !!!).  I have a little over a week before we leave for Tempe, and at this rate, I'll have burned through the list by Friday.  Good stuff, this taper.  It's like crack.  I wish I could bottle it up and sell it.

Some photos from the last few weeks.  Fall + running = love.  Fall + biking = suck it.

The view from my neighborhood during a morning run.

Beginning of a 5.5 hour trainer ride.  Sleepy, but happy.  That under-eye luggage is courtesy of peak Ironman training during the biggest work week of the year.

End of a 5.5 hour trainer ride.  Not so happy anymore.  Eye baggage still in tact.
Beautiful fall colors.

Jon, happy to be warming up, riding 5 hours in sub-40 degrees.
Macey, happy to be warming up, riding 5 hours in sub-40 degrees.