Monday, January 11, 2010

Das Foot

The results from my foot appointment today...inconclusive. All signs point to stress fracture. Except for the x-rays. Not a sign of anything, which is awesome. But apparently these sorts of things don't always show up right away. I left the docs office with a prescription for a mega anti-inflammatory, instructions for hot/cold treatment to get circulation to the area to promote healing, and a stern warning about my activities over the next 3 weeks. I go back in 4 weeks for more x-rays and see how things are healing up. The pluses: I don't have to wear a boot (!!!!). I am allowed to run in the near future if I keep it short, stop when it hurts, and wear shoes. I can bike as much as I want. The bummers: I have to keep my distances super duper short and I have to do it wearing shoes. Preferably shoes that are stiff enough that you can't roll them into a ball. Clearly, my doc doesn't understand the allure of having your feet free. And during the day I am to wear my Danskos (the compromise to not having to wear a boot).