Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekly Recap: Recovery

Ahhhh, recovery week.  How many of you long and yearn for some rest days, and then absolutely hate it when they get here?  I turn into a complete and utter MONSTER.  A grouchy, bitchy, stomping-my-feet-everywhere monster.  Who eats anything and everything I can get my hands on.

So I filled my time with distractions.  I worked a lot.  I baked 3 dozen cupcakes and 4 dozen cookies for friends and coworkers.  We rearranged the furniture in all but one room of the house.  And redecorated the living room and main bedroom.  I took a 13 hour "nap".  And got a really long massage.  About 10 loads of laundry finally got done.  I spent an afternoon with my best homegirl.  Had an overdue dinner date with the hubby.  And went on no less than 3 coffee dates with girlfriends.  However, the fridge is still empty, because I really hate grocery shopping. (Mom?  Will you please come visit again?  Please?)

Oh, and I still did some training.  Obviously I have some work to do on my mental game, but y'all, physically things pretty much sucked too.  I couldn't hold even a 2:10 pace in the pool.  I got schooled on the bike by someone who was hungover and soft pedaling (in my defense, she's really really fast).  And I topped out at a 12 minute mile.  I'm trying to buy into Coach Liz's "cumulative fatigue" theory, but it's always disappointing when you aren't able to do what you think you should be capable of.  Moving forward!

Swim - 4000 meters
Bike - 42.1 miles
Run - 8.44 miles
Strength - 0:25
Total - 6.43 hours

Photos! Fun!

Washington's version of "spring" during a long run.  Shortly after the taking of this photo I was covered in hail, followed by sun, followed by gale force winds and heavy downpour.  Followed by sun.  And hail.  At the same time.

Return of the ice baths!

My Mom came to visit.  Yay!  She played Zombies on her iPad...  while I did intervals on the trainer.  She did come run with me afterwards though.  And she cooked a freezer and a half of meals.  And ironed.  And grocery shopped.  I love Moms.  My Mom, specifically.

Packages on the doorstep during Ironman season are the best!  This is the first chance I had to try the new PowerBar Perform formula.  SO MUCH better than Gatorade.  It has my seal of approval.  The sad thing about this photo?  This might get me through June.

More "spring" in Washington during a bike ride.  Unfortunately, the race course in Idaho probably looks quite similar.