Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Recap: TITS

Lots of TITS this week.  TITS = Time In The Saddle.
Peak week #1 (there's one more left) went okay.  I missed my key swim workout.  Not so worried.  And my key run workout.  Very worried.  But I rode almost 200 miles this week.  And finally nailed my nutrition and pacing on the bike.  My 114 mile bike/4 mile run was AWESOME.  I felt peppy, my legs were fresh after the ride, and I wasn't sore afterwards (except for the, um, lady bits).  My race kit tested out beautifully.  My new bike fit was cozy.  And it was my first long training day in the SUN!  It was just the confidence boost that I needed right now.

Swim - 2700 meters (well that's embarrassing now that I see it written down)
Bike - 194.27 miles
Run - 13.85 miles (hmmm, not feeling so good about that either)
Strength - 25 minutes
Total = 18.03 hours

I get a rest week, one more monster week, and then taaaaaaaper time.  Oh, taper.  We shall have so much fun together! Friends, family, and coworkers - you have now been warned.

The notorious hills of Felida?  Ain't no thang!

Speaking of sun.  Sunscreen.  Use it.  Don't be like me.