Monday, July 2, 2012

Weeks 29 & 30

I forgot to mention in the last update that we're now down to appointments every 2 weeks with the midwife instead of every 4 weeks. Our home visit is in 6 weeks, and we need to have our home birth supplies in place at that time. Which means I should probably place some online orders and start gathering the items on the list.  Have I mentioned that we are planning a home birth?  More on that later.  So excited!  In just 7 weeks I will be considered full term.  Our due date is in 10 weeks.  How did that happen?  Something must have warped the space-time continuum, causing time to speed up exponentially.  Or something.

Week 29
6/18/2012 - 6/24/2012
Milestones: Colostrum production.  Sexy!
Size of Meatball: Every source says something different.  The Bump claims she is somewhere around 2.5-3.8 pounds and 15.2-16.7 inches.
Symptoms:   The BH contractions are increasing a bit (totally normal), and so is the heartburn.  Also, the stretch mark fairy has been visiting frequently.  Bitch.
Food cravings: I don't recall craving anything specific this week.  Lots of fresh fruits and liquids.  I'm super thirsty all of the time.
Food aversions: Nothing new has been added to the list this week.
Exercise:  Three strength sessions and 2 runs/walks.  My preggo running days are feeling very limited.  It certainly hasn't been comfortable for quite some time, but now running seems to spur an increased amount of BH contractions. I really need to make an effort to do more biking.  And get my ass into the pool.  Some things never change...
Weight gain: Somewhere between 17 pounds and 20 pounds.  I'm not in the mood to step on the scale, but it feels like I've packed on a bit of poundage this week.
Other random crap:
- My wedding band doesn't fit on my ring finger anymore, but the engagement band still does.  So I've moved the wedding band to my pinky finger.  I should probably just send them to our jeweler for inspection and cleaning and then put onto a necklace for the remainder of the pregnancy.  Ken would kill me if I lost them or had to have them cut off my fingers!

Week 30
6/25/2012 - 7/1/2012
Milestones: 30 weeks!  I don't know that 30 weeks is really any specific milestone, but it seems monumental for some reason.  We definitely want baby girl to stay put for at least another 7 weeks, but if she were to arrive right now, she has greater than a 95% chance of survival.  That's really reassuring.
Size of Meatball: North of 3 pounds.
Symptoms: Random pee urges that disappear.  She has been using my bladder as a little trampoline lately, which causes me to suddenly go "oh damn I'm going to wet my pants!" and start the process of frantically climbing out of the couch or bed or wherever I'm currently stuck.  And then when I'm half way up the urge totally goes away.  But then it never fails that as soon as I get settled again I almost pee myself.  And I can totally picture her cracking up at herself in there.
Food cravings: Cherries!  And dairy protein like cottage cheese and greek yogurt.  And more cherries!
Food aversions: You know the drill here.
Exercise: I was kind of a lazy ass this week.  In my defense, I haven't felt all that fantastic this week. Nothing really specific, just general "under the weather" kinda stuff.  1 walk, 1 strength session, and 2 days of marathon nesting/cleaning.  Our garage and kitchen (every single drawer and cabinet) have been purged, disinfected, and completely organized. 
Weight gain: See above referenced lazy assedness.  You don't need to know the weight details this week, I decided.
Other random crap:
- I had my first baby shower this week!  One of my awesome employees hosted a luncheon shower and I was so spoiled by all of the lovely ladies at work.  It really makes everything seem so much closer!
- If this isn't nesting yet, someone might need to come rescue Ken sometime between now and September.