Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vegemite Sandwich

I had an awesome run tonight. It wasn't particularly long or fast (4.5 miles, 11:40 pace), but I had a blast. Some of the highlights:
  • Two catcalls from passing vehicles before I was even a block into my run. I'm not so crazy feminist that I can't appreciate a well intentioned "wooohoooo" once in awhile. Yes, more please.
  • At a stoplight I caught myself seriously rocking out. I mean, arms up in the air, hips shaking, dancing. I had put "Land Down Under" by Men At Work onto my MP3 while I was training for the Blue Lake race against Dingo Dave. And I bust-a-move every time it shows up on my playlist. "...I said do you speaka my language, he just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich..."
  • I saw a dude in full team kit on a very spendy roadie roll by...with his helmet on backwards. Thankfully I wasn't taking a sip of water at the time or I would have choked. I was laughing so hard.
  • The first of my 4 intervals was on a slight decline. Yeah! This also meant that the last one was on a slight uphill, but...
  • ...I was able to power up every hill with no problem today. Love that.
  • And finally, I didn't puke after my intervals! Almost, but I didn't!

And, better late then never (again), here are the weekly update photo and measurements.

Weight = 169.5, down a pound from last week. After the recent upward trend, I'll take it.
Stomach = -0.5" / -3.5" overall (I had to retake this several times b/c I didn't believe it.)
Hips = +0.5" / -1.5" overall (I also had to retake this one several times. My hips got bigger this week??)
Thigh = -0.25" / -0.5" overall
Bicep = no change / -0.5" overall