Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekly Recap: Making Progress

It was a mixed bag this week.  I got by.  With a little help.  From my friends.

Swim - 8820 meters
Bike - 144.65 miles
Run - 17.33 miles
Total - 17.23 hours

First open water swim of the year!  I met up with my Beginner Triathlete friend, Bonnie, at Klineline Pond for an after-work dip one night.  It was awesome to finally meet her in person.  The water was chilly, but tolerable, and we were able to stay in the water for about a half hour.  Hopefully I'll get a few more sessions in before race day.  The biggest lesson learned?  I need a new wetsuit!  This one is too big and it drags and isn't very flexible in the shoulders.  I keep putting off the purchase hoping I'll lose weight.  Time to buck up and just get one already.
Julie rallied with me for 35 miles of WIND on the bike on Friday night (after my 4200 meter swim).  Unfortunately I didn't snap any pictures while we were out there.  But here's one from my marathon session in the pool before the ride.
The highlight of the week was meeting up with Bonnie again on Saturday morning for the longest bike ride of the year so far.  We started in Beaverton, headed out to Hagg Lake, did a few laps around the lake, and then back to Beaverton.  Total distance was a little over 90 miles, with about 5000' of climbing.  I am much slower than I would like to be at this point.  But I'm trying to be thankful for just having the ability to ride.  Speed is just icing.  And we don't always need to have the icing.

My savior from a trip to Bonk Town - POPTARTS!
And you know you're in good cycling country when you see signs like this on the rural stores.

I topped off the week with a swim, run, and recovery ride.  And a trip to Athletes Lounge for some triathlon bling!!!!