Thursday, April 26, 2012


In my weekly updates, I haven't been writing much under "food cravings".  Really, I didn't think there was anything I've been particularly jonesing for, other than the random muffin w/ applesauce, or the occasional piece of cake.  I stand corrected.

Here are excerpts of texts I have sent to my husband over the last couple of months, mostly dinner requests, although they are far from complete (or normal) meals.  I now also realize that I'm a total diva and spoiled rotten to the core.  And it's painfully obvious how I've put back on all of that weight that I lost in the first trimester.

- I need a refried beans w/ cheese.

- Bagels and cream cheese tonight please.

- Those little pies.  Little Debbie maybe?  Cherry!  And lemon!  Hostess I think.

- Cold pasta salad.  With olives and artichoke hearts!

- Or baked ziti?

- I need a plain Arby's sandwich and curly fries!  Really!  Can you bring me some?  I love you.  Thank you. [sent during the middle of the work day while I was home sick]

- In response to Ken sending me a menu from a pizza place he was eating at: Ick, no.  Just cheese?  Cheesy bread? Cheese, like mozzarella.  And brie.

- Hummus & tortillas.

- From the bathtub: Will you bring me ice water?  Please???

Thanks, honey.  And I'm sorry.