Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cervelo Upgrades

Since I'm posting pics of new gear, here is the most recent saddle I have on my P2C. It's the third so far, but it's the keeper. Specialized Phenom. I am totally in love with it. I have almost 500 miles on the bike so far, and have yet to have any discomfort on this saddle. Wow, I've put more distance on the Cervelo in THREE WEEKS than I did in one entire year on my old road bike!

And I upgraded my crankset to DuraAce. I also have the Keo Look pedals and now that I'm used to them (it was definitely a change from my SPDs), they totally rock.

And lastly, my TriVent shoes that are so freakin cool. They are mostly mesh, have multiple openings, and the carbon soles are reflective so they supposedly reflect heat from the pavement away from your tootsies. I can't wait to ride them in the hot weather...

My Feet Have Graduated!

I realized about a week ago that I'm overdue (again) for new shoes. It used to be that a pair of running shoes would last me about, oh, five years. Now that I'm actually using running shoes to RUN, they don't even last five months. Not even close. I often forget to replace them until miscellaneous aches and pains start showing up after my long runs.

I went into Fit Right NW today to have my
gait re-analyzed. The last time I did that was a couple pairs ago, and I figured that since my body has changed so much, maybe my running style has too. Yep! My old shoes were clunky heavy things that helped to correct my over-pronation. Now I have lighter, flexible beauties. (Still Mizunos though.) YAY! Aren't they pretty?