Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Feet Have Graduated!

I realized about a week ago that I'm overdue (again) for new shoes. It used to be that a pair of running shoes would last me about, oh, five years. Now that I'm actually using running shoes to RUN, they don't even last five months. Not even close. I often forget to replace them until miscellaneous aches and pains start showing up after my long runs.

I went into Fit Right NW today to have my
gait re-analyzed. The last time I did that was a couple pairs ago, and I figured that since my body has changed so much, maybe my running style has too. Yep! My old shoes were clunky heavy things that helped to correct my over-pronation. Now I have lighter, flexible beauties. (Still Mizunos though.) YAY! Aren't they pretty?

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Cyndy: said...

They are beautiful, I am a Mizuno girl too. :)