Friday, March 9, 2012

Weeks 11-12

Week 11
2/12/2012 - 2/18/2012
Happy Valentine's Day!  We also had our first official appointment this week with our midwives.  It was too early to hear the baby's heartbeat with the doppler, which of course freaked me out.  So we were able to get in for a "dating" ultrasound, even though I did meticulous charting during TTC (trying to conceive) and know exactly how far along I am.  Mom was in town this week too, she was able to see baby jumping around on the screen with us!  I've already posted this pic here, but since it's so fabulous, I'm going to put it in this post too.
Milestones: Baby has hair.  If he/she takes after either of us, then there's a whole lotta hair growth happening in there.
Size of Meatball: 2 inches long.
Symptoms: Same old story, but I think things are getting a little better.  And I have made friends with my bowels again, so that's awesome.  Have I mentioned that I like to over share?
Food cravings: I really needed Chinese food one night.  That lasted for about 5 minutes.
Food aversions: It's now Chinese food.
Exercise: 2 measly walks.
Weight gain: Another 2 pounds down this week for a total of 9 pounds.

Week 12
2/19/2012 - 2/25/2012
Awhile ago I ditched all of my meds (Zofran, B6/Unisom, B6 injections, etc.).  They weren't helping and I'm not a fan of medication while pregnant.  I've been seeing an acupuncturist, and while I'm not sure that it's doing any good, it is relaxing.  However, and this is a big HOWEVER...she is having me drink the most God-awful Chinese herbs to help with my symptoms.  It tastes like cigarettes.  You can imagine how well that stays down.
Milestones: Based on the development method of calculation, this is the end of the first trimester!  Here is a great website that explains trimesters and has a cool calculator.
Size of Meatball: The size of a lime.
Symptoms: False alarm last week.  Things definitely are not getting better.
Food cravings: I'm back on the watermelon diet.
Food aversions: Anything that isn't fruit or crushed ice.
Exercise: Does getting from the bed to the shower count?
Weight gain: Holding steady.  At least I haven't lost any this week!