Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week 13 Plan

Three weeks into the build phase. This week I'M GOING TO NAIL MY WORKOUTS. End of story.

Mon: Rest Day

Run, 5:45am @ track - 0:45 Z2 (at 0:10, insert 3 x 3min Z4 @ 1min jog)
Swim, 7pm - Masters (60min)

Bike, early morning near the gym - 0:45 Z2
Run, brick after the bike - 0:15 Z2

Bike, early morning on the trainer - 1:00 Z2 (at 0:15, insert 2 x 5min Z4 @ 3min spin)
Swim, 7pm - Masters (60min)

Run, 5:30am near the gym - 1:00 Z2 (at 0:45, insert 5min Z4)
Swim1, 6:45am - 0:30
Swim2, lunchtime - 0:30

Bike, early morning @ Crown Point or west side w/ Bill - 3:00 Z2 (at 2:50, insert 5min Z4)
Run, brick after the bike - 0:30 Z2

Bike, early morning to Van Lake and back - 0:30 Z1 (100+ rpm)
Run, midday @ Trout Lake - 1:15 Z1-Z2

TOTAL = 12:00

What has happened so far...
Monday - I swam 1400m in the morning instead of resting. Active recovery day.

Tuesday -
Run: I slept in and had to do the run right after work. I called Ken hoping that he would say something like "it's okay honey, why don't we sit in front of the A/C and order Chinese", but instead I got "HTFU and go get your ass out running"...I think he's been listening to me ramble about Beginner Triathlete postings too much. Zone 4 intervals combined with 93° made for a really difficult afternoon. I got the buzzy head, about-to-pass-out feeling, but I was able to walk for a bit and get through it. Slow 12 min/mile pace, but I got it done.
Swim: After the run we hopped in the car and drove to the gym for a refreshing dip with the masters group. Refreshing is of course relative. It was a hard workout, but I would have done it 4 more times to avoid intervals in the heat again.
WU - 200m swim, 50m kick, 200m pull
Main set x3 - 50m DR/50m swim/50m kick/50m swim, 30 sec rest; 50m easy/100m hard/50 m easy, 30sec rest; 200m build, 30sec rest
CD - 150m
TOTAL - 2400 meters

Week 12 Wrap-Up

I finished up the week with my Sunday workouts -- 6.3 mile run with Jenn (awesome, and even an 11:40 pace with plenty of walking so that I could gab) and a 30min Z2 trainer ride. Even with 3 rest days in a row, I logged almost 9 hours of training.

The workouts:
Swim = 1400 meters (super weak sauce)
Bike = 83.89 miles (not bad, but most of that was one ride)
Run = 11.51 miles (okay since I missed some workouts)
Strenth = big fat zero...again
Transitions = 5min
TOTAL = 8.45 hours

The stats:
Weight = 170 lb
Stomach: -0.25" / -2.75" total
Hips: -0.25" / -2.25" total
Thigh: no change / -0.75" total
Bicep: no change / -0.5" total

I do not understand why the scale isn't changing. I'm losing inches. And I do not belive that it's possible for a person to gain that much muscle mass in this short period of time. I'm measuring accurately, people are telling me how different I look, but the damn scale won't budge. I'm thinking of not weighing myself for a couple of weeks and see what happens. Here's the photo:
Here are the sideview shots comparing Week1 to today. At least I'm more tan?