Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week 12 Wrap-Up

I finished up the week with my Sunday workouts -- 6.3 mile run with Jenn (awesome, and even an 11:40 pace with plenty of walking so that I could gab) and a 30min Z2 trainer ride. Even with 3 rest days in a row, I logged almost 9 hours of training.

The workouts:
Swim = 1400 meters (super weak sauce)
Bike = 83.89 miles (not bad, but most of that was one ride)
Run = 11.51 miles (okay since I missed some workouts)
Strenth = big fat zero...again
Transitions = 5min
TOTAL = 8.45 hours

The stats:
Weight = 170 lb
Stomach: -0.25" / -2.75" total
Hips: -0.25" / -2.25" total
Thigh: no change / -0.75" total
Bicep: no change / -0.5" total

I do not understand why the scale isn't changing. I'm losing inches. And I do not belive that it's possible for a person to gain that much muscle mass in this short period of time. I'm measuring accurately, people are telling me how different I look, but the damn scale won't budge. I'm thinking of not weighing myself for a couple of weeks and see what happens. Here's the photo:
Here are the sideview shots comparing Week1 to today. At least I'm more tan?

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