Sunday, March 6, 2011


I just wrapped up Week 2 with my new coach, Elizabeth from Multisport Mastery.  I turned in a little over 10 hours of solid swim/bike/run.  Money in da bank!  Figuratively speaking, of course.  In real life, money is flying out the windows...for food, and electricity for the water heater.  I had forgot how Ironman training life develops into the following formula:

Weekday -
Sleep, Eat, Train, Shower, Eat, Work, Eat, Train, Shower, Work, Eat, Train, Bubble Bath, Eat, Sleep

Weekend -
Sleep, Eat, Train, Shower, Eat, Nap, Eat, Laundry, Nap, Eat, Train, Bubble Bath, Eat, Sleep

Those formulas are probably why I have so much difficulty slimming down during training.  For right now, I'm going to focus on getting into a routine and let my body get used to the work load.  Weight loss will come later.  And although I'm no doubt consuming much more than I need to be, I'm trying to make sure that what I eat is helpful for either recovery or to fuel the next workout.  Well, except for the french fries I'm mowing down while writing this.  One thing at a time here.

Some highlights from the week:

1) On the menu for Tuesday's lunch was a 3250 meter swim laced with some lovely short sprints intervals.  Keep in mind that I've been in the pool about a dozen times.  Since 2009.  Which means that swimming over 500 meters is sort of challenging.  My very first assigned workout last week was a 3000 meter swim.  This was after I mentioned that I haven't been swimming and I don't like the pool.  Gotta love that.  I like how she rolls.  For you non-triathlete readers, the Ironman distance swim is 2.4 miles, or 3860 meters.  In 2009 I think I went over 3000 in training only twice (see above note about my anti-love of the pool).  I do believe I'll be in good shape for the swim this go-round.  Thanks coach!

2) I met up with Julie for an early morning run on Friday.  Due to work and other obligations, I finished up my Thursday workouts at around 10pm.  My legs were not amused when I woke them up at 5am for more fun.  When we hit the turn-around point, I devised a super secret plan to get Julie to leave me so that I could quit running as soon as she was out of sight.  However, she knows me quite well and was devising her own super secret plan to counter my super secret plan.  She cracked the whip and made sure there was no walking until I was safely in the driveway.  That's friendship right there.

3) Riding outside.  So rad!

Weekly Training Totals:
Swim - 5550 meters
Bike - 74.80 miles
Run - 16.13 miles
Total - 10.33 hours

Next up: Test week.  Oh YAY!