Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Week 19 Plan

Mon: rest
Tue: run 1hr
Wed: swim 1hr, bike 45min/run 30min
Thu: bike 75min
Fri: swim 1hr, run 75min
Sat: swim 1hr, bike 4hr/run 45min (this will be shorter b/c my Mom flies in)
Sun: bike 1hr, run 90min
TOTAL: 15 hours

18 Down

A recovery week + Hood-to-Coast. Small volume, high intensity. Hardly any biking, which makes me sad. But I fell in love with running. I know exactly when it happened too. And that's probably the biggest break through I have experienced in the last three years. Swim = 1400 meters
Bike = 20 miles
Run = 22.3 miles
Plus some other stuff
Total = 9 hours