Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mid-Week Musings

This week is already off to a better start than the last couple. I'm getting my workouts in, I have more energy, and I'm looking forward to the build phase coming up. Well, I was, until I was soaking my sore muscles in the tub while reading ahead in my training plan. Yikes! A minute later I flipped ahead in the book and found this sage piece of advice -- "follow your plan one day at a time." I'll try and remember that.

A preview of what is just around the corner: a third swim each week (all of which bump up to 3000m/swim), a second brick workout (on Saturdays after the long ride), another bike (on Sundays before the long run), all of the volumes increase, and I start adding in Z4 threshold work. This, of course, all ramps up at a reasonable pace and follows the rules of adaptation and periodization. Although no-less intimidating.

But back to the present. My week so far:

Strength: 4:50pm, 01:00:00
Monday was a rest day, but I was feeling sluggish and lazy after a couple of low-volume weeks, so I decided to do an easy lifting session. I was 15 minutes into what I was planning on being a 20 minute workout, when Casey (an instructor at the gym and also doing our wedding cake) stopped by to say hello. She then talked me into taking her "Blast" class -- basically a 45 minute full-body strength session. It was great, but I am quite sore.

Swim: 6:00am, 00:53:00, 2000 meters
300m WU
4 x 50 DR (modified from 8 x 50m DR)
1 x 300m @ 40sec rest
3 x 200m @ 30sec rest
1 x 300m @ 40sec rest
2 x 50m DR (modified from 8 x 50m DR)
200m CD

Jon came and swam with me. Even though we swim different paces, it was nice to have someone to chat with during the rests. And he helped me through the last couple of sets. Go Team Cacti!

Run: 5:00pm, 00:58:26, 4.80 miles
Meh. It was hot and I did a semi-hilly route. 12:10 pace. I can do better than that.

Bike: 6:00pm, 00:45:00, 11.30 miles
Trainer ride so that I could finish watching "Slumdog Millionaire".

Transition: 5 minutes

Run: 6:50pm, 00:15:20, 1.30 miles

Quick transition run. Ken came with, which was fun.