Friday, June 5, 2009

Rounding the Corner on Week 6

Whew, what a week! It started out pretty great with a rest day, and then a mellow swim/run on Tuesday. By Tuesday night I wasn't feeling so hot, on Wednesday I puked during and after my brick workout. Thursday my only workout was keeping water down and fighting the icky stomach bugs out of my system. Today I'm on the mend and managed a swim and run.

The plan for the week is for 9 hours. I lost about 30min of running and 60min of biking due to the flu (and about 30min of swimming just because I'm a lazyass). Heading into the weekend I'm at 5.4 hours. If all goes well, I'll be pretty close to my 9-hour goal. I'm just hoping that my energy holds out through the weekend...I'm planning a 40-60 mile ride on Saturday. On tap for Sunday is OWS in Klineline and 6 mile run.

The week in review so far:

Swim: 12:30pm, 00:38:14, 1600m
400m WU
2 x 25m DR
6 x 100m @ 20sec rest
4 x 25m DR
200m CD

Run: 6:45pm, 00:46:34, 3.63 miles
Slow, but steady. Kept my HR down. I had 2 strange people encounters on this run. The first was finding a 3 year old playing near a busy street with absolutely no adult around. I found the girl's house, knocked on the door, and gave an earful to a non-English speaking lady. Then carried on with my run. About a mile later a portly old fellow was crossing the street and yelling at me. I took my earphones out and this is what I heard, "Master! Master, go faster! MASTER!! Pony up!" WTF???!!!??? Faster I did go. Finished the workout without incident. But I came back a different route...

I met my friend Bill for a brick workout in Beaverton. Despite not feeling well the night before and not really able to keep much down all day, I stupidly decided to still train. Ugh. It was close to 90°, high humidity, and hilly. (Ahem, Bill, that is NOT a flat ride!) But I haven't seen him in awhile and was looking forward to new scenery and a new training buddy.

Bike: 5:30pm, 00:59:30, 15.38 miles
Got to about the 7.5 mile mark, felt like I was going to puke, spent the next few minutes off the bike burping and urping and coughing up half-digested shot bloks. Mmmm... We turned around instead of finishing the planned loop of 30 miles.

Run: 6:35pm, 00:23:13, 1.47 miles
This is the run that Bill and I agreed to never speak of again.

16 hours of couch sitting and napping.

Swim: 12:10pm, 00:39:14, 1700m

300m WU
4 x 50m DR
3 x 125m @ 20sec rest
2 x 175m @ 30sec rest
3 x 125m @ 20sec rest
100m CD

Run: 6:20pm, 00:46:06, 3.63 miles
My legs felt great and I made it all the way to mile 3 before I got that "oh dang, I might crap my cute little running capris" feeling. Coming off the flu, this was awesome. I'm still slow.

On the upside, it was the perfect evening for a run (or a slog, whatever). A light rain was coming down. But it was a warm, summery rain. The kind where you can smell the electricity in the air, the wet ferns, fresh herbs like rosemary and lavender, and the blooming roses. I worked on enjoying myself and keeping my HR in zone 2 without walking. I accomplished that. :-)