Friday, October 23, 2009

My Baby's Got Her Dancin' Shoes

This probably makes me happier than it should. :-) Sooooo prettttyyyyyy... [wipes drool off key board].

If nothing else, they look fast. They weigh about the same as my stock wheels, but are hopefully much more aero. And if they're not fast, I'll for sure get the "placebo effect", aka "cool factor". They will go out for their very first spin tomorrow morning. At least the rear wheel will. If it's windy at all, I'll leave the front one at home for the day. It's worth mentioning that these babies are a BITCH to get the tires on and off. God help me if I flat in Arizona...

On another note, Week 26 has been a week of HTFU. Seriously. I'm over the H1N1 virus, but landed me a pretty sweet sinus infection and bronchitis. I would like to return my immune system in for an upgraded version please. My routine for the week has been: roll out of bed in a drug-induced haze, throw on the nearest clothes and go to work, stay at work until I am near passing out and/or my boss tells me to go home, go home and down some night-time meds and take a 3-4 hour nap, get up and take some day-time meds and do my workout, shower and take my night-time meds and go back to sleep. And I eat when I'm conscious (and when Ken is around to feed me since it's way too much work to feed myself lately). Ken has been thrilled with this routine really. I'm sure my liver is too. Most of the credit goes to the awesome modern-day medication and the inhaler that I may or may not have been using more than the recommended dosage.

Anyway, I've managed to log over 6 hours of training this week heading into the weekend. It's under-plan, but I'm proud of that number due to the effort it's taken to get it in. It's been all biking and running since I don't think it's wise to get in the pool with crap oozing out of my ears, nose, and mouth/lungs. Yeah, I really need to get some swimming in. Next week. So, this weekend's plan:

Saturday -- easy swimmy swimmy, rest, century ride, mellow brick run.
Sunday -- easy trainer ride, Run Like Hell half marathon (in costume) with Jeff, swimmy lesson