Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Me is taking one.  It's just a short break.  From the blog mostly.  From structured training a little bit.  See you on the flip side.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Week 5 Recap

This was only slightly better than the Week 4 failure.  But in my own defense, it was another holiday week.  I used the last few days of 2010 to get all of the laziness out of my system.  Hopefully it's all out of my system, because the training volume is about to make a sharp vertical tilt.  I'm half-way through the base phase of the plan.  Another 5 weeks until the build phase starts and the 20 weeks of "real" training begins.

Lessons Learned This Week

1) When riding outside in sub-freezing weather, it is imperative that you wear either very warm/thick socks, or more than one pair.  And those socks should be something more substantial than mesh lightweight triathlon socks.
This isn't the most flattering picture, but I want y'all to see how COLD I was. But you can't really see "cold" in photos, so just imagine frozen appendages. And I need to get the race sticker gunk off my helmet.

2) If your lips are as blue as the background of this blog, it's time to turn around and go home.

3) Running at your normal pace, after a couple of weeks of not much running, leads to incredibly sore legs.  At least the view was nice.

Plan vs. Actual

Swim: 0 meters
Bike: 46.22 miles
Run: 6.25 miles
Strength: 1.12 hours
TOTAL = 5.43 hours (yikes, 3 hours below target)

Weight Loss
Let's just say that the holiday bloat is NOT making me very happy.  No, I don't want to talk about it.  Yes, I'm working on it...

Week 6 Plan
Mon - rest
Tue - swim 1:00, run 1:00
Wed - bike 0:45, brick run 0:15
Thu - swim 1:00, bike 1:00
Fri - run 1:00
Sat - bike 2:00
Sun - run 1:00
TOTAL = 9 hours (+ strength)

2011 Goals

I'm not so big on resolutions, because I always feel like such a failure when about 2 days into the new year I've already broken them all.  And then where do you go from there?  I do like to set goals though.  Maybe it's just semantics, but I like the idea of goals better than resolutions.  And I've gone far too long without re-evaluating my short and long term goals, so the start of 2011 seems like as good of a time as any to reassess and lay out my priorities.

- Be kinder to myself
- Half marathon PR
- Reconnect with friends
- Finish 2 Ironmans, healthy and happy
- Finally reach a BMI that isn't "overweight"
- Stick to a that I can travel

- Nail 90% of my planned workouts (equal to missing only 1 workout/week)
- No eating out unless it's protein/salad/soup (but happy hours with Julie are allowed!)
- Swim!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 In Pictures

2010 In Review

I set some pretty ambitious goals for myself heading into 2010.  But I didn't leave much room for the rest of life.  Coming off a packed-to-the-brim-events-every-month 2009 race schedule and Ironman year, a wedding, and a work load that was exponentially gaining traction, it turns out that what I really needed was a hiatus of sorts.  Some time to focus on not focusing.  Or at least focus on other things.

Status Check
Get closer to my goal weight of 145lb.  Not really.  Despite some losses and gains throughout the year, I'm starting 2011 at almost the exact weight that I started 2010.  From about the age of 16, I spent the next 10 years of my life gaining 5-10 pounds a year.  So being relatively stable is better than that alternative.
Run at least a mile every day for a month. Check! I kicked off last January with this challenge and ended up running almost 100 miles in 32 consecutive days. I'm contemplating doing this again. There is something refreshing about filling up the blank slate of the new year with daily miles on the feet.
Break 30min in a 5k.  Check!
Break 22mph at the VBC Thursday night time trials.  I only did 2 of the TTs this year, so that was a no go.  But it's a good one to keep on the list for 2011.
PR at Vineman 70.3.  What do you call the exact opposite of a PR?  A PW (personal worst)?  But I still had a great time and there was enough laughter to keep my cheeks as sore as my legs.  That's a win.
Swim 250,000 meters.  28,316 meters.  Oh...I'm only about 220,000 meters short.  Hah!  The pool and I had a falling out this past year.  But we've started courting each other again and I foresee a blooming relationship.  At least until I depart for Tempe in November.
Bike 4000 miles.  1357 miles.  No excuses here.  I just chose the couch over the saddle too many times.
Run 900 miles.  627 miles.  I really put in the effort on this one.  Despite yet another stress fracture and no Ironman training, I still bested my 2009 total by over 30 miles.

I never did reassess and reset my goals, but I'm moving forward without beating myself up too much.  I took the break that I needed and made some huge gains in other aspects of my life.  So I'm cutting myself some slack, not allowing any guilt to set in about what I didn't accomplish, and looking ahead at what I know is going to be another phenomenal year.  More on that in a future post.

Before we move on to the next year, let's take a look back at the awesomeness of 2010, shall we?...
My first real trail run and race at Hagg Lake.  My second stand alone marathon, and PR, in Eugene.  The annual trek to the Lochsa River in Idaho.  A week in paradise on the island of Kauai.  I spectated at Ironman Coeur d'Alene, and then signed up for next year.  Vineman 70.3 in the beautiful valleys of northern California with great friends, complete with family visits and wine tasting.  A hilly century ride, off-the-couch, with no prep time.  Feeding my soul with another successful Hood-to-Coast relay.  Discovered the magic of TRX (thanks Jenn! and Brian!).  I volunteered at some ultra-marathons and tried to gain insight on their magical gravitational pull.  My third stand alone marathon, on the soggy puddle-laden streets of Portland.  Running in a half marathon with my Mom!!!  I got to meet Dean Karnazes.  I signed up for Ironman Arizona again, and started the 30-week program in prep for IMCdA.  I laughed.  A lot.