Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week 4 Recap: The Meaning of Recovery

This week was the epitome of recovery.  Not so much a needed break from training, but time for my body to recoup from the invasion of the mega germs.  A throat virus turned into a sinus infection and completely knocked me down for the week.  Fortunately, laziness is generally accepted this time of year without a lot of associated guilt.  Unfortunately, my appetite never went away and I continued to inhale all of the Christmas goodies surrounding me, but didn't have the energy to work any of it off.

This was my view for the last several days.  Curled up on an overstuffed chair/ottoman, snuggled under the race t-shirt quilt handmade by my Mom (isn't it the awesomest thing ever?!?!), with either the Kindle (another gift from Mom) or a knitting project on my lap, and football or Dexter on in the background.

Memorable Training Moments
There wasn't a whole lot of training going on this week, but there were still a couple of highlights:

- Santa brought me a Garmin cadence sensor for the bike, which is compatible with my 310XT.  Pretty rad, especially since my bike computer recently crapped out and I've been training without cadence.  The stars aligned just right and the weather held off long enough on Saturday for me to do my long ride outside.  OUTSIDE!!!  I haven't ridden off the trainer in about 4 months.  Soul food!
- Speaking of ugly feet, another freakin' toenail fell off.  Just when I had them finally looking all pretty again.  If only there was a toenail fairy...

Plan vs. Actual
Don't laugh.

Seriously, don't laugh.
Swim: 0 meters
Bike: 38.82 miles
Run: 2.55 miles
Strength: 1.00 hour
TOTAL = 4.27 hours

Weight Loss
I'm going to practice a little self-kindness and not go there this week.  I'll get back on the scale for the next weigh-in, but for right now, I am giving myself a pass.

Week 5 Plan
This week starts the second build of the base phase.  In case you're just picking up on this blog, I'm following Don Fink's competitive 30-week plan.  It consists of a 10 week base phase, a 10 week build phase, and a 10 week peak/taper phase.  The entire plan follows the format of a 3 week build followed by a 1 week recovery.

- rest
Tue - swim 1:00, run 0:45
Wed - bike 0:30, brick run 0:15
Thu - swim 1:00, bike 0:45
Fri - run 1:00
Sat - bike 1:45
Sun - run 1:00
TOTAL = 8:00 (+ strength)

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