Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Come on, "Ugly Feet"?

I recently stumbled across the "stats" tab for my blog.  It tells me how many followers I have, how many hits this blog receives at any given time, and among many other bits of useless information it also tells me which google phrases take people of the interwebz to this very spot.  Don't worry, it doesn't give me any personal or identifying information.  So you can still stalk me anonymously.

Some of the funnier, and slightly insulting, search terms used to find me:
"pain rub" (what does that mean, anyway?  and why was someone searching for that?)
"ironman pain"
"ironman jog"  (okay, I know that I rarely do anything that qualifies as a "run", but "jog"?  ugh.)

and my personal favorite...
"ugly feet"

Yep, ugly feet.  First of all, who in the heck is sitting at their computer one evening googling "ugly feet"?  And why?  To make you feel better that your ugly feet aren't quite as ugly as mine?  Certainly not because you enjoy looking at ugly feet.  Right?  Second, why would somone googling that end up here?  I know, I've got some jacked up dogs, especally during marathon season.  And I've even posted photos, mostly so that you can feel sorry for me.  But I'm still puzzled as to how this particular blog turned up on the results page for that particular search phrase.

If you're curious, and have not eaten within the last several hours, go ahead and google it.  Seriously, do it.  And then click on images.  Go ahead.  Now that you're done puking and back to reading this post, I can assure you that NONE of the photos that triggered your gag reflex are my feet.  Ick.

Moving along...
Most of the readers obviously live in the United States, but it appears that I'm building quite the "fan" base in Germany and Russia.  They must sense my fondness for good beers and vodka.  Prost!  Budem!

And apparently this blog has become quite the go-to place for those searching for reviews on Cobb Saddles.  Still loving mine, by the way!

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