Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On the Run Again

After about 3 months of laying in bed, puking, sitting on the couch, puking, feeling really sorry for myself, and not much else......I went for a run tonight!!!
In my vibrams even!  It was only a little over 2 miles, and I was really slow (we're talking Ironman marathon slow).  But ohmygoodnessI'msoexcited I finally went for a run!  One of the hardest parts about being so sick for most of this pregnancy has been not being able to continue with a workout schedule.  In late-November 2011 I completed Ironman Arizona.  And in mid-December I was pregnant.  While I am eternally grateful that we were able to conceive so quickly, this means that I went from full on Ironman training (for about a year) to being completely sedentary in the span of a month.  This hasn't done good things for my physical or mental health.

So tonight I was the girl plodding down the sidewalk with a big ass grin plastered across my face.  And a lot of bouncing body parts that I didn't have to worry about until now.  And yes, wearing triathlon clothes that are now about 3 sizes too small and ride up in weird places.  Which has led me to begin the search for some sort of belly support.  And maternity workout clothes.  Ladies - what advice do you have to keep the preggo belly bounce under control?  And what are your favorite stores/websites for maternity workout wear?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weeks 15 & 16

Week 15
3/12/2012 - 3/18/2012
Belly is starting to pop a little!  I think such a momentous occasion calls for another undies shot, don't you?
Milestones: I bought some new maternity jeans this week!  No more holding my pants together with a rubber band (and inadvertently flashing my underwear to all my coworkers).
Size of Meatball: About 4 inches long, or the size of an apple.
Symptoms: Although I can tell I'm starting to slowly feel better, this week I was battling a few other illnesses.  So it was a smorgasbord of crumminess.
Food cravings: Still English muffins covered in applesauce.  And cheese.  Mmmm...cheese...
Food aversions: Coffee.  Ken had to change clothes after a Starbucks run one day.  Also, any and all meat.  Especially the "c" word (chicken).
Exercise: Nothing.
Weight gain: I actually GAINED 0.6 pounds this week!  Total change is a loss of 10.2 pounds.
Week 16
3/19/2012 - 3/25/2012
I got me some fresh mountain air this weekend!
Followed by bubbles in the bathtub (complete with rubber ducky thermometer to make sure I don't cook meatball).
Milestones: Baby is kicking out the walls in there!  And really loves (or hates) The Hunger Games movie.  There was lots of action going on in my ute in the theater.  I think it might have been from all the rumbling from the surround system.
Size of Meatball: About 4.5 inches long, or the size of an avocado.  Is it weird that I've been craving guacamole this week?  I feel sort of like a cannibal.
Symptoms: For the first time in over 3 months, I woke up on Friday morning feeling BRILLIANT!  It was so marvelous.  It lasted until Saturday night, and then the nausea came back, but in a much milder form.  Other symptoms include fatigue, dizzy spells, and itchy skin.  I'm walking around scratching myself like a meth head.
Food cravings: Chips with guacamole, baked potatoes, eggs benedict, and french toast.  So basically, unhealthy crap.
Food aversions: Still coffee and meat.  I think I'm ruined for coffee forever.
Exercise: A swim and a fabulous snowshoe in the mountains.
Weight gain: I gained again this week.  No surprise, since I ate like a total pig.  But 3.2 pounds!  In one week!  Net loss is 7 pounds.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weeks 13-14

I'm calendar challenged and had all of my weeks off by a day.  Moving on.

Week 13
2/27/2012 - 3/4/2012
I know you can't see my belly here, but it's the only pic I've got this week.  At least I'm not wearing pajamas.  Or my underwear.  Because that would really be embarassing.
Milestones: I know it's really early, but I swear, I felt baby moving at the end of this week.  Just a little tiny tickle in my lower belly.  Like angle wings fluttering in my insides.  Of course it could have been random digestion, but I'm going to stick with baby moving.
Size of Meatball: About 3 inches long.  Maybe the length of my middle finger.  Which is what I want to flip to all of these symptoms.
Symptoms: Before making a baby, I had this image in my head of the pregnant me.  Triathlon training, cute maternity clothes, still banging out 60+ hour work weeks, peppy and managing a full social calendar.  So I'm struggling a bit with my reality - no real training in weeks, wearing my husband's sweats, lots of early work days, and not seeing many of my friends since the holidays.  I don't want to be totally misunderstood - I'm so very very very thankful for this little one.  I would just really be okay with starting to feel better any day now.
Food cravings: Apple juice.  And raw, creamy, whole milk.  I don't know why it has to be raw, but it just does.
Food aversions: Plain water.  It HAS to have apple juice in it.
Exercise: A big fat nuthin.
Weight gain: Ugh, down 1.6 lb, for a total loss of 10.4 lbs.

Week 14
3/5/2012 - 3/11/2012
The tail end of this week has been significantly better than the beginning.  At the risk of jinxing myself, maybe I'm pulling out of symptom-hell???  I didn't take any photos this week, so I'll post this photo of a super cute fluffy butt instead.  Yes, I'm already very much addicted to cloth diapers.
Milestones: Oh that was totally baby last week!  And I officially can't button, or really zip, any of my old pants.  Isn't it a bit early for that?  Okay, okay, I can't lie.  I already reached that milestone a few weeks ago.
Size of Meatball: A big lemon.
Symptoms: Heartburn has joined the party!  I had a few days of the most horrendous nausea yet.  It was also accompanied by some pretty bad body aches, which has me wondering if I didn't just have a flu bug?
Food cravings: English muffins covered in applesauce.  Seriously, you have to try it.  Soooo good.  Pizza sits well too.  So basically, carbs only.
Food aversions: This is funny in a sad way, but, watermelon.
Exercise: One good walk.  And some aggressive house cleaning.
Weight gain: As I'm able to get some food in me, the weight loss is starting to slow down.  I only lost 0.4 lb this week for a total of 10.8 lb.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Weeks 11-12

Week 11
2/12/2012 - 2/18/2012
Happy Valentine's Day!  We also had our first official appointment this week with our midwives.  It was too early to hear the baby's heartbeat with the doppler, which of course freaked me out.  So we were able to get in for a "dating" ultrasound, even though I did meticulous charting during TTC (trying to conceive) and know exactly how far along I am.  Mom was in town this week too, she was able to see baby jumping around on the screen with us!  I've already posted this pic here, but since it's so fabulous, I'm going to put it in this post too.
Milestones: Baby has hair.  If he/she takes after either of us, then there's a whole lotta hair growth happening in there.
Size of Meatball: 2 inches long.
Symptoms: Same old story, but I think things are getting a little better.  And I have made friends with my bowels again, so that's awesome.  Have I mentioned that I like to over share?
Food cravings: I really needed Chinese food one night.  That lasted for about 5 minutes.
Food aversions: It's now Chinese food.
Exercise: 2 measly walks.
Weight gain: Another 2 pounds down this week for a total of 9 pounds.

Week 12
2/19/2012 - 2/25/2012
Awhile ago I ditched all of my meds (Zofran, B6/Unisom, B6 injections, etc.).  They weren't helping and I'm not a fan of medication while pregnant.  I've been seeing an acupuncturist, and while I'm not sure that it's doing any good, it is relaxing.  However, and this is a big HOWEVER...she is having me drink the most God-awful Chinese herbs to help with my symptoms.  It tastes like cigarettes.  You can imagine how well that stays down.
Milestones: Based on the development method of calculation, this is the end of the first trimester!  Here is a great website that explains trimesters and has a cool calculator.
Size of Meatball: The size of a lime.
Symptoms: False alarm last week.  Things definitely are not getting better.
Food cravings: I'm back on the watermelon diet.
Food aversions: Anything that isn't fruit or crushed ice.
Exercise: Does getting from the bed to the shower count?
Weight gain: Holding steady.  At least I haven't lost any this week!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weeks 9-10

Week 9
1/29/2012 - 2/4/2012
Yes, I'm still wearing Christmas-themed pajamas in this February photo.  Judge away.
Milestones: Baby has grown about an inch since last week.  Amazing!
Size of Meatball: A green olive.  That doesn't seem like an inch bigger than a blueberry, but who am I to argue with the pregnancy websites.
Symptoms: If someone has ever had it, I've got it too.  I'm like a walking cliche of pregnancy.  And not only can I still not poop like a normal person, I am now a walking whoopee cushion.  Never have I been this attractive!
Food cravings: Watermelon is my life force.  I had a couple of plain bagels this week too.
Food aversions: Seriously, I can't talk about food right now.
Exercise: Not a damned thing. So sad.
Weight gain: I lost 1.6 lb this week and am down 6 lb total.

Week  10
2/5/2012 - 2/11/2012
Yep, a bloated belly shot in my undies.  And you thought the Christmas pants in February couldn't be topped.

Milestones: No real milestones, but I'm amazed at how I can simultaneously lose weight and have a monster belly happening at the same time.  Mother Nature is funny sometimes.
Size of Meatball: A little wrinkly prune.  How appropriate, since they are becoming a staple in my diet these days.
Symptoms: I'm still living a glamorous life of dry heaving, night sweats, not pooping, and washing/brushing my hair about once a week.  Don't worry, I'm still showering.  Um, most of the time.  But the next person who sits next to me in a meeting with a cup of aromatic coffee might end up with a lap full of half-digested watermelon.
Food cravings: I ate chocolate cake once.  Okay, twice.
Food aversions: Everything is still disgusting.  Except for watermelon, of course.
Exercise: Only 1 long walk.  Leaving the bed is downright impossible these days.
Weight gain: I only lost a lb this week.  I'm down 7 lb total.

Weeks 5-8

Week 5
1/1/2012 - 1/7/2012
Milestones: It looks like a tadpole, complete with a tail.
Size of Meatball: About the size of an orange seed.
Symptoms: It's like having a constant mild hangover.  And I'm sooooo exhausted.  I also have low blood pressure and get very dizzy when getting up if I'm not careful.
Food cravings: None.
Food aversions: Nothing has me retching, but nothing sounds fabulous either.
Exercise: 3 run/walks (including a 7+ miler), 1 swim, and 2 strength training sessions. I guess I wasn't that tired.
Weight gain: I still have the mega bloat, but I'm down 0.8 lb this week.

Week 6
1/8/2012 - 1/14/2012
My little brother JoshyPoo came to visit this week.  We told him the news by Ken taking a photo of us and saying "hang on, I can't get all three of you in the photo."  We had to try a few phrases before he finally caught on.
Milestones: The heart is now beating.
Size of Meatball: About the size of a nail head, 1/4 inch from crown to rump.
Symptoms: Massive gazongas, cramps, fatigue, and full blow nausea.  Multiple pee trips in the middle of the night.  Good times are getting underway!
Food cravings: None.
Food aversions: Just about everything.
Exercise: 1 walk and an awesome sledding trip with Ken and Joshy.
Weight gain: Down another 0.8 lb this week, and down 1.6 lb total.

Week 7
1/15/2012 - 1/21/2012
I was blessed with a random full-body angry rash this week.  Thankfully it went away after multiple messy oatmeal baths and some coma-inducing Benadryl.

I did manage my first bike ride since Ironman Arizona this week.  It was only on the trainer, and I puked before and after.  But it still counts.  And finding a pair of tri shorts that fit over the baby bloat was pure miracle.

Milestones: Baby K has grown 10,000 times in size since conception.
Size of Meatball: A blueberry.
Symptoms: Last week was clearly NOT full blow nausea.  THIS is full blown nausea.  And my lady lumps keep growing and growing.  And growing.
Food cravings: Ewww, food.
Food aversions: Everything!  Especially coffee.  Ken has to clean out the kitchen and fridge daily.
Exercise: 1 run, 1 bike, 1 strength, and 1 hike.
Weight gain: Down 1.8 lb this week, and down 3.4 lb total.


1/22/2012 - 1/28/2012
No real pictures this week, but some fluffy mail arrived.  Cloth diapers are soooo cute!!!
Milestones: No milestones to speak of, but I did learn a valuable lesson.  Clean the toilet daily during the first trimester.  It makes for much more pleasant puking sessions.
Size of Meatball: Between 1/2-1 inch from crown to rump.  I love saying "rump".
Symptoms: Oh my God, make it stop!  And now I can't poop.
Food cravings: Watermelon.  It's not so much a craving, as the only thing I can keep inside of my stomach.
Food aversions: Can we please stop talking about food?
Exercise: 2 runs, 1 swim, and 1 strength.  I don't know how I did anything this week.
Weight gain: Down only 1 lb this week, and down 4.4 lb total.