Friday, August 14, 2009

Week 16

I'm heading into the last 2 days of week 16, so I'll spare you the details of what the plan was supposed to be. I'm mostly on track this week. Feeling a little refreshed after a bit of recovery last week. And my body is almost back to normal from the 3-day hangover following the celebration of my final days as a single lady. I don't drink. Well, I did that night. But not normally. It makes for a really ugly morning after.

Here's the weekly photo. I didn't take measurements this week, but I'm down another pound to 168.5. And that's after eating lunch. (And yes, that is boob sweat in the photo. I just finished 5.25 miles at a 10:50 pace, which is fast for me.)
And a nice side-view comparison of this week compared to one of the earlier weeks.

And my new shoes! I remember when I would have a pair of running shoes for about 3 years. This is like my 10th pair in 3 years. I *heart* my Mizunos!


I'm very much behind on my bloggercizing (what Ken calls it). I've been work, training, wedding planning...zucchini. So, where were we? Ah yes, finishing up week 15. On the verge of my head exploding from the gazillion things to do and having to dig deeper than China to find motivation, I opted to take a little breather before heading into the final 15 week build/peak for the big race. I pretty much cut my training week in half and recharged a bit. I ended up with 7 hours of training. A couple of highlights:

--I had a PR at the weekly Vancouver Bike Club time trial. 20.92 mph average! My goal was 21 mph and I missed that by about 7 seconds. Next time I'll go at least 8 seconds faster!

--I realized that if I'm on the trainer and scoot the table over just a bit, I can have a plethora of coffee, beer, and gatorade sitting right next to me. Awesome.

--I took swimming lessons from a new masters coach. He has given lessons to a couple of people I know and had raving reviews. One hour of instruction and I knocked over 10 seconds off my 100m pace. Suuuuweeeeet!!!!

--And most importantly, I survived my bachelorette party. Kristin did the most fabulous job of putting the whole thing together. I didn't puke. I didn't take any clothes off. And I made it home before 3am. Success! I'll have to elaborate in a dedicated post to the entire evening. It was so much fun.