Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 3 Plan

Week 3, Base Phase

Monday: Rest Day *or* Run 1:00 Z1-Z2 (to make up for Sunday's missed run)

Tuesday: Swim 2500m, Run 0:45 Z2

Wednesday: Bike 0:30 Z2, quick transition, Run 0:15 Z2

Thursday: Swim 2500m, Bike 0:45 Z1 100+ rpm

Friday: Run 1:00 Z2

Saturday: Bike 1:45 Z2

Sunday: Run 1:00 Z2

TOTAL: 8 hours

End of Week 2

Okay, week 2 is done. The good news is that I still feel fantastic and my body is not complaining. I'm tired, yes, but not hurting. The bad news is that I missed 2 workouts: a 2500m swim and a 60min run. However, I have made up the 60min run, so the net result is a missed swim. The plan was for 7 hours and I logged almost 6.5. Not ideal, but not terrible.

The Stats:
Swim - 0.81 hours (2100 meters)
Bike - 4.08 hours (57.81 miles)
Run - 1.51 hours (7.62 miles)
Other - 1min 46sec (transition practice)
TOTAL = 6.43 hours

Weight/Body Progress:

Weight - no change (but after 6 days of period hell, I'm surprised that I'm not up)
Stomach - no change
Hips - no change
Thigh - down another 0.25" (total loss - 0.5")
Bicep - no change

Note: how can I lose 1/2 inch off my thigh and nothing anywhere else? I'm trying to be careful with the tape measure to avoid too much error. Hmm...
Days 5-7 of Week 2 Base Phase

Run: 5:30pm, 00:45:00, 3.6 miles
Nice and easy...and enjoyable!

Bike: 8:00am, 03:05:00, 43.80 miles
Another awesome ride with Jenn. We rode with Nadine around Lacamas Lake and then picked up Nikki and did the bridges loop (over I-205 into Portland, along Marine Dr, over I-5 back to Vancouver, and then back to Camas) with a sunny cookie stop at the Farmer's Market. These Saturday rides are becoming my favorite day that I look forward to all week.

I was supposed to do a 60min run, but life got in the way. Errands, housework, and then of course, Mother's Day. So, it became an unscheduled rest day. But not much rest.