Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oh Yeah!

One more day until the 3 week taper starts!

This week I hit *almost* all of my workouts. Some of the swims were cut short due to long work hours (and short pool hours), and I missed one 90 minute run. But all of the key workouts were done. And tomorrow is the last long day with a 6 hour ride and a 1 hour brick run.

So far for the week:
Swim = 9100 meters
Bike = 53.2 miles
Run = 24.44 miles
Total = 12.07 miles

Today I did a 65 minute spin on the trainer, a 4000 meter swim (took me 90 minutes exactly...even with breaks!), and just over a 3 hour run.

For the run I did a 9:1 run/walk schedule, and it worked out perfectly. I was able to get down most of the nutrition I had planned and didn't have much of a change in pace from start to finish. Even with the walk breaks I did under 12 minute miles (that's good for me) and had lots of gas left in the tank when I finished. Except for some rain at the beginning, the weather was ideal for running. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the leaves on the ground. At one point I was kicking leaves up as I ran and stomping in the puddles. It's so great when running is fun!

The only downside to the day was when I was going through a cross-walk and a car came zooming out of nowhere, and in the process of running his stop sign, almost hit me. Actually, he did hit me. It's not like I was wearing all black or jay walking. I had to jump back and still got clipped by the corner of the car. He slammed on the breaks, I slammed my hands against his car with a "WTF is wrong with you" look. He just stared back at me blankly. So many morons on the road! Anyway, I wasn't hurt and a rockin song came on my MP3, so all was good.

The post-workout ice bath felt AWESOME (even though I look like a hunch back in this photo), as did the post-workout beer...and hamburger...and fries...and soup...and cookie. :-)