Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekly Recap: The Big One

I made it to taper.  That alone is an accomplishment, yet it has me feeling a little bittersweet about my prep for race day.  I'm excited that the worst of it is over, but I still wish that I had just a little more time to get ready.  My training for this race isn't what I hoped it would be, but I had to overcome a lot of hurdles even to get this far.  I have to remind myself that I do this for fun.  It's a hobby.  And no matter what happens on race day, that one day does not define me.

Swim - 8450 meters
Bike - 155.58 miles
Run - 23.36 miles
Total = 19.07 hours

The alternating narcolepsy/insomnia phase of training has set in, and I'm far too tired to document all the events of this past week.  But here are the highlights:

- I channeled a lot of Honey Badger to get me through the week.  I was badass.  I ran all over the place.  I was cr-a-zy.  I really didn't give a shit.  And eww, eating snakes.  So nasty.  If you don't understand, go here:
- I had my last long run mid-week of 3 hours.  Since I'm slow, this got me to 15.15 miles.  Julie came out for the last few miles with me and snapped this photo of my awesome outfit.  Pink Power!  It was hot and raining, so please pretend that this is nice and focused.
- I had a mini-crisis when I realized that my brand new wetsuit was not going to work.  This was the same evening that I realized that my new shoes were not going to work either.  So 3 weeks out from race day and I need to revamp 2 very important items.  Panic ensued, a trip was made to Portland in the middle of rush hour, and hundreds of dollars were spent.  Ironman = empty bank account.
- My last long ride was an epic fail.  Zipp 808s do not play well with 30mph gusts.  Instead of 112 miles I made it all of 40 miles.  I tried to finish it up on the trainer, but I was mentally defeated.  One bad day does not a season make.  So I wrapped up the day with my brick run and tried to focus on having a better day tomorrow.
- The week culminated with the OWS race at Hagg Lake.  Major confidence booster!

Next up...taaaaaper time.