Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quick Hood-to-Coast Recap

A longer report with photos will be up later, but here is a quick recap of Hood-to-Coast weekend:
  • 197 miles + 2 vans + 12 stinky runners + 30ish hours = best time I've had in weeks.
  • I laughed so hard and so frequently that my cheeks are still sore!
  • My team was awesome. 10 guys, 2 girls (4 guys and 2 girls in my van). All from work, and hardly a conversation that was work-related the entire time. We were all super supportive of each other and always worked together as a team.
  • I really can't think of one low point through all of the 197 miles.
  • Despite showing up at the wrong exchange station and losing 20+ minutes...on the very first leg for our didn't set us back at all. However, it made for numerous running jokes the rest of the trip.
  • My gortex bivy is worth its weight in gold. And platinum and silver and oil. It's on my permanent packing list for H2C now.
  • I can run faster and further than I think I can. Jenn has been telling me this for a couple of years now, but I didn't believe her. :-)

I had Leg 9 this year. It's ranked the 2nd hardest leg, but that's only because it is the longest at 19.6 miles. And the first 2 legs are mostly on rock/gravel roads. In my opinion, it's a really fun section and not too difficult if you're prepared for the distance and running surface. I wasn't really prepared for either, but it was a blast. I didn't walk a single step and all of my splits were faster than predicted. This was a huge confidence builder and exactly what I needed heading into the last 12 weeks of training for IMAZ.

Leg 9 = 6.89 miles. My time = 1:12:50. Pace = 10:34 min/mile
Leg 21 = 5 miles. My time = 0:51:35. Pace = 10:19 min/mile
Leg 32 = 7.72 miles. My time = 1:26:35. Pace = 11:13 min/mile