Monday, June 29, 2009

Week 9 In Review

It was a mostly mellow week. I trained, ate, went to work, trained, ate, slept, and repeated a whole bunch. However, this weekend we were in Eugene for a wedding, so the training got derailed a little and I went on a meat-eating binge. The last post caught us up through Wed; here is the rest of the week:

Swim: 12:00pm, 00:43:19, 1500 meters
300m WU
4 x 50m DR (100 wall pushups after each 25m = 80 pushups)
8 x 25m @ 10sec rest
1 x 400m @ 60sec rest
8 x 25m @ 10sec rest
2 X 50m DR
100m CD

Bike1: 5:45pm, 00:45:58, 10.20 miles
To and from the time trial.

Bike2: 6:30pm, 00:29:40, 10 miles
Really gusty and mean. 20.22mph average.

Swim: 5:20am, 00:31:13, 1500 meters
Straight through. 02:05/100m pace. Suckage.

Run: didn't happen

Bike: 7:15am, 01:50:05, 31.23 miles
Julie woke up butt-crack early (for a Saturday) to ride with me. Vancouver lake was gusty and mean again. There was lots of whining, and thankfully, lots of laughing. Eventually she got me through the ride. Why so much suckage this week?

Run: 7:30am, 00:43:25, 3.6 miles
This was supposed to me a 01:15 run. Here is my post from my other training log. I didn't get the full time in for obvious reasons:
We were in Eugene for the weekend for Ken's niece's wedding. We stayed at a little B&B outside of town and I asked our hostess where I should go for a run in the morning b/c the roads had lots of blind corners with no shoulder. She clued me in to a 1.5mi private paved road just down the street, but warned me that it was a little hilly. As I set out this morning I thought, "wow that's a pretty steep hill". I got to what I thought was the top, but it was just a corner and the hill kept going. I started doing run/walk intervals. The hill kept going...and going...and going... I finally got towards the end of the road (the actual top of the hill), but there were two big dogs there so I turned around a tad early.
The way down was really fast, but I had this nagging sense that something was watching me. Then I thought I heard a rustling in the woods, so I stopped. The noise stopped. So I started running again and I heard it again. Then I felt like I was being stalked and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Something was definitely not okay. I booked it back to the main road and decided to just finish up with hill repeats at the B&B driveway.
At breakfast, the hostess asked how my run was and I told her that 1) she is in incredible shape if she thinks that road is just sorta hilly, 2) the big dogs scared me away from making it to the top, and 3) those woods are freaky. Turns out there are an unusually large number of cougars in that area, as well as several bears with new cubs. Shite!