Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Boozeday

What a difference a [rest] day makes! Even though I'm still a tad sick, my muscles feel recharged and ready to go. And all of the support from my friends has helped recharge the noggin too. Thanks everyone!

This morning I had a track workout on tap. As I was driving to the local high school, I had to dodge tree branches and debris blowing across the road. Autumn is officially here. And while I usually welcome it with excitment (it's my favorite season!!!), it is especially difficult to get up in the dark and go train in the cold, windy, icy, rain. Anyway, back to the run...
Cold, dark, windy track.
1 mile warmup. Then 3x: 0.5 mile Z4, 0.25 mile recovery. For a total of 3.25 miles of mostly high intensity. I could definitely feel that I hadn't run since last Tuesday, but each speed set was faster than the previous set, and each recovery was faster than the previous one. This was supposed to be an hour, but by this time I was frozen and pushing the clock before work, so I headed for a hot shower. When I got to work, I checked our weather station there -- 40 mph winds!

Notice my hair sticking straight up in the wind!

Because of some fun plans tomorrow night (and the shortened run this morning), I decided to do my bike/run brick this evening after work. 60 minute trainer ride followed by a 20 minute run. Heh, I started my day with a workout in the dark, and I ended my day with a workout in the dark.

P.S. Tonights workout brought to you by Jubelale. I couldn't resist one after a tough work day. :-)