Thursday, May 14, 2009


I rode out to the Port of Vancouver for another shot at the 10-mile time trial put on by the Vancouver Bike Club. Sunny. Yay! Windy. Booo... The way out to Frenchman's Bar was rough. I was going as hard as I can and could barely make 17mph. But at the turnaround it was AWESOME! 23mph spinning out. Wooooooo!!!!!!

I ended up with a time of 29min 23sec for an average of 20.35 mph. This was almost a minute faster than last time in worse conditions. Improvement is what keeps me going, so this was a huge boost.

Note: I did not get my swim in (again) this morning. :-( Hoping to get my heiny out of bed in tomorrow and get it done.

Bike 1: 5:30pm, 00:43:33, 9.38 miles
Commute to the time trial and rolling around the parking lot over and over again to stay warm.

Bike 2: 6:30pm, 00:22933, 10 miles
Last time = 19.82 mph
This time = 20.35 mph

Just Another Brick in the Wall...

Day 3 of Week 3 Base Phase

Wednesdays are my short workout days as far as time goes. But they are also my brick days. Bricks are hard. Until about week 15 or so when Saturdays become the big brick days and Wednesdays are the weenie brick days.

Bike: 5:30pm, 00:30:00, 7.20 miles
Trainer ride.

Transition to run: 00:02:00

Run: 6:02pm, 00:15:00, 1.25 miles
POURING rain outside. It was awesome.