Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lochsa 2008

Last week I found myself sick with seasonal allergies and a lovely sinus infection. It came just in time for some scheduled rest days -- our annual pilgrimage to the Lochsa River in Idaho. We left town the Friday before Memorial Day and drove 10 hours through to camp. It's really only a 8-9 hour drive, but we got sidetracked (yet again) in Walla-Walla looking for a place to eat. I HATE that town. It's a time sink hole.

This is me being totally fed up in Walla-Walla-Crap-Crap-Town:
We showed up to the welcoming crew: California Kelly, California Eric, Montana Billy, and Montana Dano-the-Mano. Some college friends from Bozeman also rolled through our camp shortly after arrival. The sun was shining, so we set up camp, then pulled out the chairs and some col' beers. Ahhhh, vacation...

Ken about to get rowdy in Lochsa Falls:

Cali Kelly - River Boarder Extraordinare:

The entire weekend was filled with tons of sunshine, great company, some kayaking/rafting, LOTS of carnage at Lochsa Falls, and plenty of relaxation. It was sad when we had to pack up and make the trek back home.

Some of my favorite carange pics at Lochsa Falls:

Eric, Me, and Cali Kelly: