Monday, April 27, 2009

Week 1 Plan

Week 1, Build Phase

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Swim 2500m, Run 0:30 Z2

Wednesday: Bike 0:30 Z2, quick transition, Run 0:15 Z2

Thursday: Swim 2500m, Bike 0:30 Z1 100+rpm

Friday: Run 0:30 Z2

Saturday: Bike 1:00...but I'm doing the 65mile Ride Around Clark County

Sunday: Run 0:45 Z2

TOTAL: 6 hours

Week 1

Week 1 of plan, Week 1 of Base Phase, Day 1

It's started! With a rest day. Who loves a training plan that starts with a rest day? THIS girl (points thumbs at myself). :-)

But I did do training related activities. Like make a few spreadsheets (okay, about 5), take "before" photos, weigh myself, and take measurements. Ken said "see ya in November". Such a dramaqueen. But back to the photos. I've been debating all day on whether to post the "before" photos prior to actually having an "after" photo. It's scary to have all my flaws up for the cyber-world to gawk and point at.

So I decided that 1 photo won't be too embarassing...and if I post one every week, then hopefully it will keep me honest. I'll keep the side view and rear shot for later on. Just be thankful that I'm not subjecting you to a sports bra/tri shorts photo of me at 215 pounds! I will not, however, post any of my measurements -- that's just too much for a girl to handle.

Week 1: 172 pounds