Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week 9 Stats

First, the training:
Swim - 5000 meters (good)
Bike - 62.73 miles (okay, but I can do much much better)
Run - 4.9 miles (downright pathetic)
Strength - 1.17 hours (good)
TOTAL = 8.42 hours (short by about an hour...decent)

Second, the measurements:
Weight: 169lb / +0.5lb / -3lb total
Stomach: no change / -2" total
Hips: no change / -1.5" total
Thigh: +0.25" / -0.5" total
Bicep: no change / -0.5" total

And finally, the weekly photo:And, just because I'm feeling a little bummed about lack of weight loss, here is a photo from a few years ago. Tipping the scales at somewhere north of 210 pounds... (This is a post-kayaking photo for those wondering what the heck I'm wearing.)

Week 10 Plan

It's the last week of the base phase. That scares me a lot.

Mon: rest
Tue: swim 60min, run 60min
Wed: bike 45min, quick transition, run 30min
Thu: swim 60min, bike 1hr15min
Fri: run 60min
Sat: bike 3hr
Sun: run 1hr30min
Total = 11 hours