Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 4 of Week 1 Base Phase

There are few things better than riding in the sunshine!!! Tonight I did a 10-mile time trial (TT) at Vancouver Lake. Every Thursday night the Vancouver Bike Club puts it on -- it starts at the Port of Vancouver and goes out to Frenchman's Bar and back. Free to members and only $1 for non-members. They even time you and post results! Be there around 6pm to sign in and get your number; racers start getting sent off at 6:30pm. Fortunately for me, it's about 5 miles from the house. So I can ride there and back and get a decent workout in overall.

On the schedule for today was an hour swim and 30min high rpm (100+) bike. I opted for the TT instead of a trainer ride because (1) it was sunny outside!!!, (2) I needed to get my max HR for the bike anyway, and (3) I'm not a big fan of the high rpm workout. It hurts my knees.

Swim: 6am, 00:52:16, 2200 meters
300m WU
8 x 50m drills
3 x 125m @ 20sec rest
2 x 175m @ 30sec rest
3 x 125m @ 20sec rest
4 x 50m drills (supposed to be 8x, but I ran out of time before work)
200m CD
Total = 2200m

Bike 1: 5:30pm, 00:49:06, 10.73 miles
To and from the TT. The way back sucked, but it was a good active recovery for my muscles.

Bike 2: 6:40pm, 00:30:16, 10 miles
First TT of the season. 19.82 mph average. Not too terrible for early in my training. I felt pretty good.
Average HR = 181
Max HR = 185