Monday, June 6, 2011

PSA for the Ladies

Ladies, I present to you (and your bits)...Hoo Ha Ride Glide!  Get some.
Per the bottle:
Protects your most girlie parts from infection, chafing, friction burns, irritation, inflammation, and saddle sores.  Provides healing and a lasting cool feeling so you enjoy the ride.

The 411: Hoo Ha Ride Glide was developed by women athletes who needed a skin cream formulated for their most girlie parts.  They searched high and low and only found a cream for nuts... a women's needs are different, so they created Hoo Ha Ride Glide.  May be used on other skin areas where exercise chafing occurs.

Dos and Don'ts: Do apply to your nooks and crannies (for external use only).  Do apply to other areas where chafing occurs.  Do apply to your chamois.  Do wash your hands before and after.  Don't settle for nut cream.  Don't ignore the needs of your Hoo Ha.  Don't ride without it.

Male relatives and coworkers - you may want to stop reading now.  TMI alert.

I stumbled across this gem of a product at my local bike shop.  I admit it, I was intrigued by the bottle.  Good marketing right there.  It was pricey ($21.95 for an 8oz bottle), but when it comes to the health of your lady parts, price really shouldn't be a factor.  My first test run with this stuff was heading out for a 114 mile hilly bike ride.  Hmmm, smells really nice.  Not greasy.  I walked around the house getting my gear and nutrition ready.  What the hell?  Um, is that supposed to feel that way?  Ackkkk!  It sorta...tingled.  Not necessarily in a good way, but not bad either.  Interesting.  My first instinct was to grab the nearest cloth item and furiously wipe it away.  But I hung in there and gave it a shot.  The weird tingly sensation turned into a nice refreshing cooling feeling.  I swung by the house half way through the day for a quick reapplication.  Ahhhh, so fresh.  Aside from the lack of saddle sores, the best part was how clean and awesome the bits felt after 8 hours on the saddle.  And, I swear, it smelled just slightly like mint chocolate chip ice cream down there.  Which is a much better alternative to, well, what your crotch normally smells like after 100+ miles of riding in hot weather.