Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cervelo Upgrades

Since I'm posting pics of new gear, here is the most recent saddle I have on my P2C. It's the third so far, but it's the keeper. Specialized Phenom. I am totally in love with it. I have almost 500 miles on the bike so far, and have yet to have any discomfort on this saddle. Wow, I've put more distance on the Cervelo in THREE WEEKS than I did in one entire year on my old road bike!

And I upgraded my crankset to DuraAce. I also have the Keo Look pedals and now that I'm used to them (it was definitely a change from my SPDs), they totally rock.

And lastly, my TriVent shoes that are so freakin cool. They are mostly mesh, have multiple openings, and the carbon soles are reflective so they supposedly reflect heat from the pavement away from your tootsies. I can't wait to ride them in the hot weather...

My Feet Have Graduated!

I realized about a week ago that I'm overdue (again) for new shoes. It used to be that a pair of running shoes would last me about, oh, five years. Now that I'm actually using running shoes to RUN, they don't even last five months. Not even close. I often forget to replace them until miscellaneous aches and pains start showing up after my long runs.

I went into Fit Right NW today to have my
gait re-analyzed. The last time I did that was a couple pairs ago, and I figured that since my body has changed so much, maybe my running style has too. Yep! My old shoes were clunky heavy things that helped to correct my over-pronation. Now I have lighter, flexible beauties. (Still Mizunos though.) YAY! Aren't they pretty?

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Saturday I participated in an organized ride called Ride Around Clark County (RACC). Mileage options were 18mi, 35mi, 67mi, and 100mi. I opted for the 67 miles and am happy that I didn't try to tackle the 100 miles. All routes had a fair amount of hill climbing and my quads were pretty much toast after the day was over. Here's my race report:

Event: Ride Around Clark County - 67 miles
Date: Saturday, May 4, 2008
Location: Clark County, WA
Distance: 67 miles
Time: 04:35:53 (pace = 14.57 mph)

I showed up at the club at 6am to get my packet, get my swim workout in, and prep the bike in order to be ready to ride by 7:30am. As far as a warmup, I think an 1800m swim at a 1:50-1:55 pace qualifies as a warm-up!

Me, at the club before heading out:

Nicole realized that she had a flat (we both have the new P2Cs), so everyone got together for a super-quick tube change. It was a great learning experience for me to watch!

Forecast for the day was light precipitation in the morning, but warming up to low 60s and sunny skies after 11am. Plus 3000ft of climbing, which I anticipated would warm me up a bit. So I donned a tri-top, arm warmers, tri shorts, and my trivent bike shoes with no socks. At the last minute my unofficial coach, Denise, threw me a pair of her socks so that my tootsies would be a little warmer. Good call!

We all started at the club instead of the official starting line, but since we also finished at the club, the mileage was the same regardless. However, this put the first rest stop only 2 miles (downhill miles) from when we began. Of course we had to stop for cookies. We had just done a hard swim and needed fuel!

The majority of the ride was on gentle rollers through back country property and farms. It was a pretty area, but if it had been sunny, I think it would have been gorgeous. We made it to the second rest stop right about the time we were all needing to use the facilities, so that worked out great. The restroom had a blow heater for drying hands, but I took my feet out of my shoes and tried to warm up my toes with it. Rather unsuccessfully, too bad for me.

I downed more cookies, some chips, some more cookies, some trail mix, and a few cookies for good measure. Unfortunately, a notable hill came up to bat right away and those cookies in my belly weren't feeling too yummy anymore...

One thing about me is that I hate hills. Detest them. And when I'm on group rides I won't shut up about them. Me: When is the next hill? Is the next hill big? I don't know how I'm going to get up that hill? I hear a big hill is coming up, do you know when? Where is that hill?

It's ridiculous and I'm sure irritates the crud out of everyone, but I can't help myself. On this ride, I had heard of a notorious hill coming into the town of Felida. Soon enough, we were climbing a pretty big hill and I had to stand for the last 1/4 of it. I get to the top, totally gasping for air, and ask Denise if the Felida hill is worse than this. She laughs and says that WAS the Felida hill. Whew, no more hills!

We took off at a nice clip and I had no problem keeping up because I knew I was done with difficult climbs. Yay! Cue another big fother-mucking hill. WTF? Where did this come from? I had to stand about half way up and had to repeat lines from Bob's spin class in order to keep from stopping. "Don't be a SISSY! Suck in your fat gut! You don't want to be a SISSY, do you? Take the pain!" Thankfully, that really was the last of the big hills. :-)

We made a quick stop at a local Starbucks to warm-up, another stop at Clark College to check on a t-shirt that Tom never received in his packet, and then headed back to the club just as the rain started to come down. 67 miles actually went by pretty quickly.

Nikki and Tom at the Starbucks stop:

What would I do differently?:
Wear clothes!

Warm Down:
I donned my swimsuit and jumped in the jacuzzi. After a hot shower I went out for hot coffee with the girls, then took a hot bath when I got home. What can I say, I was having difficulties warming up! The rest of the day was spent lounging and getting some much needed R&R.

Well, I do kinda miss my granny gear that I have on my road bike. But the new P2C performed like a dream. And I think I want to marry my saddle.

This is a great organized ride. Maybe next year I'll do the full century...