Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Off to a Good Start

Day 2 of Week 1 Base Phase
The first actual training day is done. Woohoo! I almost didn't get it done, but kept thinking "do I really want to start off the plan by missing a workout?" Um, most definitely not. But I woke up late, then the swim took longer than expected, and I didn't have enough time to get my run in before work. I proceeded to eat too much food during the day and by quitting time I was exhausted and sleepy and bloaty. But I took another peek at my "before" photos and strapped on the running shoes instead of crawling on the couch. I should probably tape those up around the house.

Anyway, day 2 is done! And I'm so excited for IMAZ. Go Team Prick! (aka Team Cacti for the under-age crowd.)

Swim: 6am, 00:57:24, 2500 meters
300m WU
8 x 50m drills
12 x 100m @ 20sec rest
8 x 50m drills
200m CD
Total = 2500m
This was hard. I'm slower than I remember and the drills kicked my butt. Lots of room for improvement. The biggest annoyance was that my swim cap keeps sliding off. Any ideas out there?

Run: 6pm, 00:32:19, 2.4 miles
This was supposed to be 30 minutes in Zone 2. I reach Z2 just by brushing my teeth. So I kept having to walk to bring my HR down and I kept getting more and more annoyed which would bring my HR up. I need to research this a bit more and see what all the theories are on training the run in Z2.