Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weeks 19 & 20

Week 19
4/9/2012 - 4/15/2012
Milestones: My linea nigra (dark pregnancy line on the belly) has arrived! At first I thought it was another stretch mark since I already have tons of those, but upon closer inspection (in the mirror since I can't really see the underside of my belly anymore) I realized what it was.  It only goes part way up to my belly button right now.  I wonder if I'll get the full line, or only half of one.
Size of Meatball: About 6.5 inches long from crown to rump, and about 10 inches from head to toe.
Symptoms: Holy heartburn!  If anyone has a lead on yellow-only citrus Tums, please let me know!  I'm still pretty tired, and feel nauseous if I've overdone it during the day.  My immune system has taken a bit of a hit too, but I'm managing to hang on without getting an all-out cold.
Food cravings: Cheese & fruit.  And tons and tons of water.
Food aversions: The "c" words.  And the smell of fast food - ick.  I even have to avoid certain roads when driving around town.
Exercise: 1 run/walk, and 1 bike.
Weight gain: I packed on 2.6 pounds this week, and am now down only 2.8 pounds from pre-pregnancy.
Other random crap: I'm totally digging getting all crafty for baby girl.  I sewed this awesome pirate dress for her this week.  I think it's a nice combo of girliness and tomboy.
Week  20
4/16/2012 - 4/22/2012
We had our 20 week anatomy scan this week.  All I can really say is "wow!"  It's basically a head-to-toe ultrasound of baby and all of the important bits and pieces.  We got to check out the brain, heart, kidneys, stomach, bladder, and even the lenses of the eyes.  And we counted 10 fingers and 10 toes.  Well, it looked like 12 toes, but the technician assured us there were only 10.  I guess we'll find out in September for sure.  Baby girl was a maniac in there and wouldn't really cooperate.  One second we're looking at a cute little fist and all of a sudden we're looking at feet.  Followed by a quick flash of the head and then the bum.  Maybe she was just excited to see us.  Or royally pissed off that we were poking around in her home.
Milestones:  We're half way!
Size of Meatball: About the length of a banana.
Symptoms:  The cold/allergies finally caught up with me this week.  But the glorious warm sunshine that finally came out over the weekend had amazing healing properties.
And the crazy preggo dreams are escalating.  I had a nightmare that my Grandma helped bad guys rob our house, and when I tried to call 911 my phone was transferred to the bad guys who were then trying to kill me.  I woke up hyperventilating and crying.  Don't tell Grandma though.
Food cravings: Chex cereal with sliced banana.  But it must be a 50/50 split between the wheat Chex and the honey Chex.
Food aversions: The usual suspects.
Exercise: 1 run/walk, 1 strength session, and 1 bike.
Weight gain: I'm up another 0.8 pounds this week and only have 2 pounds until I'm at neutral weight.  No doubt I'll exceed that next week since I seem to be sliding up the scale faster than a sumo wrestler now.
Other random crap: Yard work while pregnant is seriously the worst.  I was LOVING the sunshine this weekend, but bending/squatting/lifting was exponentially more difficult with the belly getting in the way.  Thank goodness for husbands!
And I majorly scored on some maternity cycling clothes.  They aren't cheap, but they are super cute.  Check out the line by Sheila Moon.  I ordered mine from Team Estrogen.  Can't wait to get out on the bike again - this time with my belly fully covered and shorts not in danger of exploding off my sausaged body.  Here's what I ordered: