Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Big Boobie Challenge

Sorry guys, this post is for the ladies.  The challenge is on.  I need a new sports bra.  I have only one single style that works, and I'm ready for something new.  The problem is that I have some pretty big girls, and taming them is no easy task.  So here's the deal.  I'm going to do all the hard work for y'all.  I'm going to thoroughly test up to 10 different styles of high intensity sports bras and post in-depth reviews here.  But I need your help.  Send me suggestions - bras you loved, bras you hate, and maybe some that you've been dying to try but for whatever reason haven't done so yet.  Either post in the comments section, or send an email to

The criteria...bras must be:
* Designed for high intensity.
* Made in larger sizes.  I'm a 34DD, so if it only goes up to a D, it's a no go.  Specific bra sizes are preferable to S-L type sizing.
* Be made out of synthetic material.  I'll be swimming/biking/running in this thing, upwards of 17 hours at a time, and wet cotton won't mix well with that kind of activity.
* Any style will do.  Straight straps, racer back, under wire, soft cups, etc.  All styles welcome!

The categories:
* Comfort.  Number 1 priority.
* Overall support and fit.  Bounce control.  Smooshing.   Chaffing.  Lift and separation.  You get the idea.
* Wicking and breathability.  See category above regarding chaffing.
* Durability.  This might be hard to evaluate with only a few wearings, but sometimes it's obvious.
* Style.  For those of you brave enough to go topless and actually care what this thing looks like.  I don't.  But you might.
* Value.  When you go through 7-10 sports bras per week, money is certainly a concern.