Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Wedding Quilt

Instead of a guest book at our wedding, we had squares of fabric for our guests to sign. The idea was to later incorporate these squares into a quilt. Something that we would see everyday, rather than something that would sit in a box in an attic or garage. And while I'm crafty, I'm not that crafty. And certainly don't have the patience that quilting requires. So while we were shopping for fabric for the squares, my Mom offered to make it for us. After the wedding, we sent all the signed pieces back to California with her. And I figured in a few years we would get it on one of our anniversaries. Like the 5th. Or the 3rd if she got busy with it.

Imagine my suprise when I tore open a box this Christmas...less than 3 1/2 months after the wedding...and saw this! I cried it was so beautiful. And I know how much love and hard work went into it. Each square was sewn together by her and then the entire thing pieced together. She had the front and back quilted together, and then had to hand sew the edging on. Hand sew, not with a machine, but as in a needle, thread, and hours hunched over the whole thing. We are now in the process of making new drapes and duvet cover so that it will match in the bedroom.

Barefoot Snow

Okay, not totally barefoot since I did wear my Vibrams. It was the most surreal feeling. If you can imagine dancing barefoot in the snow but without the frost bite...that's what it felt like. Today marks Day 1 of training for the Eugene Marathon. I'm following one of Hal Higdon's novice plans. I couldn't do a super focused marathon because I will simultaneously be training for this marathon, a hilly century ride, a half ironman, and an ultramarathon.

Today called for an easy 3 miler. This is how it looked outside when I started. There was at least another inch on the ground when I finished.
I was the only runner in the neighborhood and had it all to myself. I was having so much fun along Officer's Row with all of the Christmas lights on the huge homes, huge chunky flakes coming down, and making first tracks all over the place. On the way back I saw 3 accidents where cars either tried to stop too quickly, or tried to drive up a hill and didn't make it. At one intersection I helped push 2 cars out of the way so that all of the backed up traffic could get through. Can you believe that no one came out to help an old lady stuck in her car until they saw me pushing it? Crazy rude.

Injinji socks inside the Vibrams kept my feet pretty warm.Cool tracks!Total mileage = 3.15
Time= 42:17
That is a pace of 13:25...not terrible considering I was almost barefoot in several inches of snow. :-)