Friday, March 25, 2011

Sarah's Army

My army = tissues with aloe, tissues with Vicks, allergy meds, cold meds, neti pot and sea salt gargles, green tea (out of an IM mug of course!), comfy jammies, and really bad daytime television.  Obviously, this training week isn't going quite as planned.  So far I've missed a 1 hour run of hill repeats and a 3500 meter swim.  I'm skeptical of the 3.5 hour trainer ride scheduled for tomorrow, but confident that I'll give it my best shot.  The truly terrible thing isn't so much that I'm sick, but that my appetite is still very much alive.  And laying in bed for 18 hours a day just doesn't cut it in the calorie-burning department.  Sigh...we'll see what the morning brings.  Stay healthy, y'all!