Monday, August 24, 2009

End of Week 17

I have no idea how it became Week 18 already. I still remember when I was struggling to get in 5 hours/week. Swimming more than 1500 meters in one workout was a game of will power and any bike ride over 20 miles left me cringing with saddle sores. Running, well, I'm still working on that one. I wrapped up Week 17 with over 15 hours.

Pretty soon, race day will be here. We'll be checking-in and stepping on the scales on Thursday, testing the water on Friday, athlete dinner & meeting on Friday night, bike check-in on Saturday, and then filing into Tempe Town Lake just prior to 7am on Sunday morning. Having been there last year to volunteer and sign-up, I can picture it all in my mind. I can smell the sharpies from bodymarking (permanent marker still gets my HR up) and the wet dank odor of the transition tent. I can picture the sun just coming up down the river as the starting gun went off, thousands of people moving as one big glob of froth while thousands more lined the bridges and walking path. The faces of those struggling on the run course, barely able to shuffle to the next aid station, but still willing to smile and say "thank you" for volunteering. I can't wait to be a part of it all. But from the other side this time.
Week 17 summary:
Swim = 9600 meters (wow!)
Bike = 99 miles (not too shabby)
Run = 14 miles (ugh, Hood-to-Coast is going to HURT!)
Plus strength training, stretching, transition practice, etc.
Total = 15.40 hours