Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Heart Sunny Rides

For the first time in what seems like decades, the sun was shining today! Over a dozen people met at the gym for a sunny bike ride. The plan was to do the 2 Bridge Loop (from the club into Vancouver, across I-205Bridge, along Marine Dr in Porltand, back into Vancouver via the I-5 Bridge, and then back to the club), with an option for an extra 10-20 miles out to Vancouver Lake.

I've been fighting either a nasty cold or allergies all week, so it was a miracle that I even got out of bed. I was going for just the 2 Bridge Loop (32-36 miles depending on who's
odometer you trust), and thankfully Denise came along and had the exact same thing in mind.

Denise after crossing the I-205 bridge into Portland:

And here are some token shots of K-Dawg: