Tuesday, September 22, 2009

60 Days

Yowza! I have my tune-up race this Saturday. Black Diamond Half Ironman. I haven't thought much about the event until just recently...it's sort of an afterthought. Funny how last year before my first half ironman I was an emotional wreck for about 4 weeks prior. This year, I haven't even looked at the course description, start time, age group competition, etc. I don't think I'm particularly more prepared this year. Just a different focus.

My plan for the race:
-do everything as I would do in prep for IMAZ (dinner the night before, pre-race breakfast, similar clothes,...)
-keep to my IM effort instead of trying for a faster HIM pace (using perceived effort instead of HRM for the actual race)
-same race nutrition...same fuels at the same time
-have fun
That's it! No specific speed goals. No finish time goal. I'm hoping to learn a few things so that I can buckle down and work on the rough parts before November.

My plan for this week:
Monday - rest day
Tuesday - run 60min
Wednesday - swim 60min, bike 45min, brick run 30min
Thursday - bike 60min
Friday - easy 30min swim, maybe a quick bike or run at the race site
Saturday - RACE
Sunday - rest day, maybe a light recovery swim
TOTAL = 4-5 hours + race

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to Training

I'm married! We had the most wonderful wedding and such a fun time with all of our friends and family. I am the luckiest girl in the entire world. It couldn't have gone much more perfectly. We're still waiting for the professional photos, but here are a few snapshots from friends.
After the wedding we escaped to Bend for a few days and enjoyed some time to ourselves. Lots of celebratory beers (okay...and french fries), dips in the Turkish soaking pool, hikes around the area, bubble baths, and plenty of laying around catching up on lost sleep.

And just to prove that I have the best, most supportive husband...I still managed to get over 11 hours of training in during our honeymoon week. He even cleaned my bike for me while I was napping.
Swim = 6200 meters
Bike = 69.54 miles
Run = 17.45 miles

Plus some other stuff like hiking, stretching, etc.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I've been MIA from the blog for a little while. Lots going on. I'm getting married on Saturday, so I've had a handful of appointments (hair, spray tanning to cover my many tri top tan lines, final meetings with all of the vendors), last minute shopping trips (did I really need to hand craft a monogrammed aisle runner 3 days prior to the big day?), wrapping up loose ends (making endless lists, finalizing vows, making programs), and family coming into town (Mom, brother JoshyPoo, and brothers fiance Heather are all here now). My training has slacked off a little, but I'm still getting some good workouts in.
Ken snapped this super flattering shot of me in the midst of program making.
Last week:
I had a few great runs in the 10:15-11:30 pace range. I also made it to the weekly VBC Time Trial and almost hit 21 mph again...on tired legs. I put in a 2.5 hour session on the bike trainer due to crazy windy rain outside.
This week:
Another nice run early in the week. A 42 mile bike ride with Jeff (who 5 miles into it helped me realize that "holy crap I have a wedding in 3 days, you hopefully only get married once, so really, it's OKAY if I don't get 5 hours in on the bike when I have piles of to-do lists sitting at home"), which included baying at horses and mooing at cows, sunny sunny sunshine, a 30min stop at a coffee shop, another coffee shop stop 5 miles later, and lots of laughing and chit-chatting. I'll be going for a run today, swim tomorrow, and then taking a few days off.Probably no more updates from me until I return from the honeymoon. Happy Training!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Week 19 Plan

Mon: rest
Tue: run 1hr
Wed: swim 1hr, bike 45min/run 30min
Thu: bike 75min
Fri: swim 1hr, run 75min
Sat: swim 1hr, bike 4hr/run 45min (this will be shorter b/c my Mom flies in)
Sun: bike 1hr, run 90min
TOTAL: 15 hours

18 Down

A recovery week + Hood-to-Coast. Small volume, high intensity. Hardly any biking, which makes me sad. But I fell in love with running. I know exactly when it happened too. And that's probably the biggest break through I have experienced in the last three years. Swim = 1400 meters
Bike = 20 miles
Run = 22.3 miles
Plus some other stuff
Total = 9 hours