Tuesday, September 22, 2009

60 Days

Yowza! I have my tune-up race this Saturday. Black Diamond Half Ironman. I haven't thought much about the event until just recently...it's sort of an afterthought. Funny how last year before my first half ironman I was an emotional wreck for about 4 weeks prior. This year, I haven't even looked at the course description, start time, age group competition, etc. I don't think I'm particularly more prepared this year. Just a different focus.

My plan for the race:
-do everything as I would do in prep for IMAZ (dinner the night before, pre-race breakfast, similar clothes,...)
-keep to my IM effort instead of trying for a faster HIM pace (using perceived effort instead of HRM for the actual race)
-same race nutrition...same fuels at the same time
-have fun
That's it! No specific speed goals. No finish time goal. I'm hoping to learn a few things so that I can buckle down and work on the rough parts before November.

My plan for this week:
Monday - rest day
Tuesday - run 60min
Wednesday - swim 60min, bike 45min, brick run 30min
Thursday - bike 60min
Friday - easy 30min swim, maybe a quick bike or run at the race site
Saturday - RACE
Sunday - rest day, maybe a light recovery swim
TOTAL = 4-5 hours + race

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