Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Off to a Good Start

Day 2 of Week 1 Base Phase
The first actual training day is done. Woohoo! I almost didn't get it done, but kept thinking "do I really want to start off the plan by missing a workout?" Um, most definitely not. But I woke up late, then the swim took longer than expected, and I didn't have enough time to get my run in before work. I proceeded to eat too much food during the day and by quitting time I was exhausted and sleepy and bloaty. But I took another peek at my "before" photos and strapped on the running shoes instead of crawling on the couch. I should probably tape those up around the house.

Anyway, day 2 is done! And I'm so excited for IMAZ. Go Team Prick! (aka Team Cacti for the under-age crowd.)

Swim: 6am, 00:57:24, 2500 meters
300m WU
8 x 50m drills
12 x 100m @ 20sec rest
8 x 50m drills
200m CD
Total = 2500m
This was hard. I'm slower than I remember and the drills kicked my butt. Lots of room for improvement. The biggest annoyance was that my swim cap keeps sliding off. Any ideas out there?

Run: 6pm, 00:32:19, 2.4 miles
This was supposed to be 30 minutes in Zone 2. I reach Z2 just by brushing my teeth. So I kept having to walk to bring my HR down and I kept getting more and more annoyed which would bring my HR up. I need to research this a bit more and see what all the theories are on training the run in Z2.


Molly said...

Great job kicking off your training!

I'm wondering how you calculated your HR zones, because I had similar average and max HRs in my run test but have much higher zones than you do - much easier to hit while actually running without walking too.

Sarah B said...

I used the percentages from Joe Friel's book, but maybe I did it wrong. This is all new territory for me. I'll read through again and report back. Out of curiousity, and if you don't mind sharing, what are your zones?

Molly said...

Happy to share! I'm 32 and my zones are:

Z1- 0-162
Z2- 163-173
Z3- 174-183
Z4- 184-191
Z5- 192+

The first time I tested, my zones were a smidge lower but my max/avg on this last test were pretty close to yours. Hope that helps!